2nd Wacken Metal Battle Band lineup


Yea, Wacken is here, months of planning, finally you can see your favorite bands wrestle in stage with their axes and their vocals. 7 Wacken metal battles and one final battle so the FIRST ROUND of the battle is going to take place in Roar (South Africa) on April 28th. The bands are confirmed and the bands have been putting in much work lately and spending more time practicing and defining their sound.

So the bands that will be wrestling each other out on 28th from 7pm till batman arrives are;

Atlantic South, they hail from Capetown, South Africa and they play Metal.

Atlantic South group pic

Yeah we are so excited for this opportunity. We just arrived back from Tour and its the first thing on our minds. We are more than prepared for the battle and cannot wait to put on a killer show.

Bulletscript, they hail from Capetown, South Africa and they play Metal.


We are very excited to be a part of the Wacken South African Battle 2016 and would like to thank you (AudioInferno) for taking the time to chat to us about the event.

Wacken, in our humble opinion, is the pinnacle of metal festivals and a great opportunity for any metal band to get their music out there to a global audience. It’s encouraging to know that, whoever it may be, there will definitely be a South African band playing at one of the biggest metal festivals in the world. Although it’s a still a long way off we’re already hard at work on our set for the show. We look forward to a friendly battle at ROAR on 28th April with Red Tape Rebellion, With Dawn, Atlantic South and Nebula Disrupt.


Red Tape Rebellion, they hail from Stellenbosch, South Africa and they play Progressive Metal / Hardcore Grunge.


With Dawn, they hail from Capetown, South Africa and they play Post-NuMetalCore.


I love the idea that South Africa has a chance to shine and show off how truly talented the metal scene is here. It is a great opportunity for the band that wins to really carry the flag and represent what we have to offer. For With Dawn it’s all about being as tight as possible and blasting the crowd with a sonic wall of epicness. We will just be getting up on that stage with the idea that it’s not about us but rather the greater good and we will be happy with whatever the result.

Nebula Disrupt, they hail from Western Cape, South Africa and they play Blackened/Progressive/Extreme/Death Metal.


We are amped to be in this year’s battle for Wacken! I think more people are starting to recognize some of our local South African metal bands. We are a black metal band with a touch of death. We will bring the purist black element for this event rising from the underground where the unseen will be exposed. And in other news we are very excited about this event. Good luck to all the bands and the judges, they will have quite a big decision to make. See you all in the fields. All hail black metal! Steph. Nebula Disrupt

So this above bands will perform on the 28th of April 2016, from 7pm till batman arrives. All funds generated by door sales will be given to the winning band to cover tour expenses so play your part, R40 is all it takes to witness the best and send the best of the best to Germany, to know more about this battle, click here.

Stay tuned to Audioinferno for more on Wacken and support your local scene and bands\m/



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