Review of Stranger by Plus 234

So much happiness!! Oh yeah! Plus 234 have dropped a new song for my listening pleasure. I love those guys, man. Pushing Me Away was a jam. I loved it so so much. I’m so glad I get to listen to another song by the band. Whats more, the song features Celeste, who was at last years RocktoberFest, in Lagos.

Okay, I’m giving off too much fanboy vibe. I shall calm down and do this review thingy, now.

Okay, so here we have Plus 234 dropping another track.

You said that already



So yeah, new song. Unlike the slightly upbeat “PUSHING ME AWAY”, Stranger…yeah, that’s the title of the new song. Anyway, Stranger has a more melancholic vibe to it.

It starts off with this slightly sorrowful acoustic guitar riff, followed by a keyboard and bass which kick in a few seconds in. Then the first verse begins. By the time the vocals kick in the keyboard goes on hold for a bit, then singing stops and the keyboard comes back, but not as strongly as it did when it first kicked in. The song stays on the melancholic path well into the second minute when Celeste’s part kicks in as she sings her lines in Yoruba. This works quite well for the song and Celeste just adds icing to what was an already sweet piece of cake-music. Okay that was not my best pun or whatever, but you get the message.

By the 2:35 minute mark, the energy is kicked into high gear, so to speak. It’s not an upbeat song, so that high energy I’m talking about isn’t so high when you think about how heavy these songs can be. But that in no way takes away from the song. It’s still retains its goodness even when the heavier part kicks in. There’s this really nice duel vocal delivery between Michael (the vocalist) and Celeste. It’s really cool and after all that, the song comes to a close just seconds short of the 4 minute marker.

All in all, I really like the song. The production was definitely better than it was on their previous song, PUSHING ME AWAY. The guitars were clearer, the bass was definitely more audible. The keyboard parts were well layered into the song. It wasn’t so high that it drowned out the other instruments, and it wasn’t so low that it couldn’t be noticed. It was just right. And I have to commend them for that. Even the best of the best bands can sometimes fumble on how much keyboard should be in a song or how loud it should be. I tip my hat to the guys at Plus 234 for that. They did a really good job. They stepped up their production and brought ME this really melancholic song to listen to.

But it isn’t all sunshine and roses. The heavier part of the song that kicks off after Celeste drops some lines is a bit not WEAK. But it feels like there was a slightly distorted electric guitar there that just didn’t get its time in the sun. I mean, it was there but it didn’t stand out much. Kinda defeated the purpose of its beating there. Or maybe that was the plan, to just have it in the background and not allow it take out of the melancholy. Or maybe it’s just the usual production issue. Whatever the case, it doesn’t ruin the song. It’s still a fun listen. Although, I think I was more hooked on PUSHING ME AWAY, despite it’s production being a bit iffy.  I’d still recommend this song to people who ask for a “sample” of a Nigerian rock song.

Oh, before I forget, I have to give them props for the songs cover artwork. It’s really nice. Not may people can create artwork with such a mellow aura using bright colors.

And that’s it. In closing, this song is worth a listen. It might not get you hooked on the first listen but that doesn’t take away from how good it is. I’m personally looking forward to more from these guys in the near future. The nearer the better :D.

Keep supporting your local bands\m/.


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