5th Wacken Metal Battle Band lineup

Yea, Wacken is here, months of planning, finally you can see your favorite bands wrestle in stage with their axes and their vocals. 7 Wacken metal battles and one final battle so the FIFTH ROUND of the battle is going to take place in Rumours Lounge (Johannesburg, South Africa) on May 5th. The bands are confirmed and the bands have been putting in much work lately and spending more time practicing and defining their sound.

So the bands that will be wrestling each other out on 5th from 7pm till batman arrives are;

Aimed at you, they come from Johannesburg, South Africa and they play Soul Metal.

Having been in the gigging scene for just under a year, Aimed at You are humbled to be selected as one of the bands that get to compete for the spot at Wacken. They are up against some of the South African legends the scene, so they are preparing for a battle of epic proportions.

Legions Ablaze, they come from Johannesburg, South Africa and they play Metal.

At the moment the way that were currently preparing for Wacken is we’re cutting down our set and selecting the best songs that represent our style and the band as a whole. We’ve picked some fairly heavy songs to play as those are great to play live and our fans really enjoy the heavier side of things. We’ve also been continuing practising with a click track so that the fans can experience the album live. If you’d like to check out our music you can check out the full album here.

Hokum, they come from Freising/Munich, South Africa and they play Metal.

Octainium, they come from Centurion, South Africa and they play Metal.

To be honest, we’re approaching it like any other show. We’ll just prepare a tight set for the night and give 110% on stage. I don’t think one should focus too much on the competition side of things, makes you lose focus of just enjoying the music and the show (in my opinion)~Maritz

Surdus, they come from Johannesburg, South Africa and they play Metal.

All we can say is we are very excited to take part in this event with some of the greatest SA bands. We have been practicing our set and we can’t wait to get on the stage.

Arx, they come from Randburg, South Africa and they play Death Metal/Thrash Metal.

We are very excited and can’t wait to get on stage. Even better if we win and get to represent South African metal in Germany.

So this above bands will perform on the 5th of May 2016, from 7pm till batman arrives. All funds generated by door sales will be given to the winning band to cover tour expenses so play your part, R40 is all it takes to witness the best and send the best of the best to Germany, to know more about this battle, click here.

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