Climate Control drops two new singles, “Ghosts” and “Little Mess”.


Climate Control drops two new singles, “Ghosts” and “Little Mess”. The release of “Tidal Wave” proved to be a turning point for Johannesburg’s Climate Control, as it carved out a new path for the boys from the south. No longer were they seen as just another post-hardcore group, but as a serious rock band that drew the attention of fans from around the globe – including YouTube sensation Jarrod Alonge. Now with the arrival of “Ghosts” and “Little Mess”, the group’s melodic evolution promises to reach another level.

“In this industry, you either evolve or you die,” says Nic Gonzalez, Climate Control vocalist and guitarist. “We’ve harped on about how melody is extremely important to us for years now. So this time, we decided to go all in and put more emphasis on it than ever before.”

Produced by Clinton Watts (Bury Tomorrow, Truth & Its Burden) and mastered by Kris Crummett (Sleeping with Sirens, Issues), “Ghosts” and “Little Mess”chart new waters for Climate Control. Bigger, bolder and anthemic, the tracks possess a common theme that binds them together: introspection.

Ghosts’ is an energetic, ponderous song about the concept of leaving a lasting legacy. It raises the questions: Does it all matter in the end? And do we actually leave a worthy mark on people and the world? Similarly, the melodic and mournful ‘Little Mess’ complements ‘Ghosts’ as it explores the notion that some stars are just never meant to be aligned, even from the start. Sometimes things are too far gone to fix, explains Gonzalez.

Watch the lyric video for “Ghosts” below

“Ghosts” is available on iTunes/Apple Music here. “Little Mess” will be released on the 2nd of May. Support your local bands\m/.



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