Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Kevin Rule of WithDawn

Hello guys, it’s a thursday again and we are back with your favorite artistes favorite rock videos so this last thursday of the month, we would be gracing you with Kevins Rule of WithDawn top 5 rock playlist so press play and enjoy.

You could be Mine by Gun n Roses

I have been a movie nut for as long as I can remember, so naturally when Terminator 2 came out I was smitten with how awesome it was. When I saw the video for this track I was hooked immediately thanks to its tie-in with T2. At the time I was listening to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, but this blew me away and it is the reason I listen to heavy music and play guitar today.

Midnight life by Faith No More

I was able to go to the GnR show in Paris that was broadcast all over the world and Faith No More were opening for them. I was truly taken aback by how heavy they were, but at the same time, not heavy at all. The way they have crafted their music over the years has been a huge inspiration to me and they will forever remain my favourite band of all time.

Blind by Korn

Now this, I cannot put into words. When I first heard Jonanthan scream “Are You Ready?” I was mesmerised. This music spoke to me in ways other bands didn’t. At the time I was very much into Machine Head, Cannibal Corpse, Type O Negative and the like, but this was just a whole new level of brutality.

Rose of Sharyn by Killwwitch Engage

I’m a huge fan of Howard’s voice. In fact, listening to this album over and over in my car on the way to work taught me how to use my voice – how to scream and sing properly. Again, it’s the brutality and melody that attracts me to this band and similar others. I do like Jesse’s vibes as well, but I’ve always found Howard’s voice more soulful and I prefer that. 

Leave me here by Cult of Luna

For years I had quietly written songs on my acoustic guitar without a place to put them as the bands I was in didn’t really fit the mould, I had always wondered how they might sound heavy and with a full band, and then this beautiful song crossed my path. Immediately I knew there was a place for these songs I had written and With Dawn was born.

Hope you guys enjoyed Kevins rock video playlist, stay tuned to Audioinferno for your favorite videos from your favorite artistes every thursday. Support your local bands\m/.



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