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Self expression, that’s all it really comes down to being you! That is it!

I was about to meet my ex boyfriend’s parents and there I was about to get in my car in a conservative top and what I call granny jeans (my usual jean choice is the ULTRA LOW Sissy Boy Skinnys so anything slightly higher than that feels like I’m wearing grandpa’s super high waist pants.


I saw myself in the mirror and just got really upset thinking “Whyyyyy am I dressing in a way that is just not me?!! To impress someone? Pfftt…’ I went back to my room put on my black leggings, black eye shadow and baggy band t-shirt of some sort. The meeting was a breeze as I felt comfortable and happy within myself… needless to say the ex’s father hated me and thought I was a Satanist, but that’s besides the point.


SO….that was kind of my turning point, from then onward I just kinda said screw what I should be wearing, I’m going to wear what I want to wear. Now my cupboard is filled with leather, lace, black and platform shoes and I love it! My boss hates me and I get weird looks in shopping centers but I don’t really care. So the reason I’m giving you all this is because this is how I feel rock style is. Musicians and artists love to express themselves. Being creative is something that feeds us continuously so why not be your own work of art?

I love making my own t-shirts, when I found out that Joan Jett used to make her own t-shirts I thought I can do that! Got out the scissors, cut off the sleeves and neckline, got some paint and boom, something that was totally mine that nobody else had. However Joan had to do it back in the day because back then girls weren’t supposed to rock so all that was available was pretty frocks and that type of shit.


Now at least some stuffs are a little more available. However……and I ranted about this the other day…….WHY ARE BAND SHIRTS SO EXPENSIVE!!!! All I want, all I want is a Led Zeppelin t-shirt…but I mean R400 later? I’m a struggling musician I don’t have that kind of money…..aannnyywaayyy, If I could afford band t-shirts then I would so do what Taylor Momsen does which is super crafty:


Yes, yes I know I’m Momsen obsessed…but who wouldn’t be! So I love this for girls cutting up a band t-shirt and making it your own. As much as rock t-shirts are cool…you know…come on man…we are girls…we like to be sexy!


I find living in Cape Town there are 3 types of girls who go to rock shows. There are either the girls who rock up in a baggy and t-shirt, jeans and converse. The chicks who wear really cool alternative stuff which (if you are reading this TAKE ME SHOPPING) looks super unique and like they are really expressing themselves. And then, girls who are wearing skin colour leggings and a glitter jersey and stilettos who clearly got lost.  You know what though to both chicks I salute you! It’s totally unfair how bullied kids in school are just for wearing their favorite bands t-shirt – judgment is a really shitty thing. Stop it!


Honestly I think a girl who rocks up with a ripped up Tee that’s a bit too big for her, black jeans, converse and whatever else that is truly her…that’s an awesome chick. I AM SO SICK OF SEEING what I call “packs” of teenage girls in also what I call “brickelberry shorts” (Because they highlight the camel toe). You know the ones i’m talking about that come up to their chins and leave nothing to the imagination about their ass! I mean first off there is nothing original about that and secondly nobody and no man wants to see a 13 year olds ass cause A) eww and B) its super weird if that gives him a boner….

(Editor’s insert: kkkkkkkkkhahaha, she said ‘boner’)

I’m not saying everybody has to dress like a rocker, I know it’s not for everybody. But what I do love about the rock scene in Africa in general is that the girls especially really show their individuality through what they wear! Seriously all you rock girls out there props to you!!!


With winter on its way here are a couple of wintery rock’n’roll looks I will be sporting this season for sure.


Finally your must have rocker item for the week…..let’s start with the obvious….a leather jacket:



There you have it from Kataklysm from the band Crooked. You should check out her band on here. Her band also played recently at ROAR and we’ve go pictures hereFor more on Kataklysm and her views on what to wear as a rocker, you know where to be folks.


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