Myrath 2011 Album Tales Of The Sands Review


So, it’s been a while since I first listened to MyrathsTales of the Sand” album. Actually, it’s been about four months. I personally didn’t know about the band until the 2015 Audioinferno Africa Rock Music Awards (ARMA). Their vocalist was nominated for the best vocalist category and I decided to sample all the nominees whose names I didn’t know. As is the tradition for me, I searched for “Myrath” on YouTube and watched their “Merciless times” video. A tale of love at first jam!

After that awesome encounter with their music, I wondered what the album would sound like. And I have formed my somewhat bias opinion on the album. So here we go.

The first song on the album is “Under siege”, and it kicks things of with the whole Arabian nights feel. Its really cool. The pace and energy aren’t very high but it’s still a good one, but sometimes inaccurate. It gives one the taste of what to expect. It’s even got a guitar solo in there.

Next comes “Braving the seas”. It kicks of with some really nice rhythmic blast beats and riffs. Although, It felt a bit like “Under siege” in terms of its general energy and tempo. Because of that, the song doesn’t stand out in my mind. It’s probably one of the least memorable songs on here (to me anyway). That in no way makes it a BAD SONG. But it just doesn’t stick. Then there’s a keyboard/synth solo close to the end. So, yaay.

Then comes the song that made me look for the album in the first place: “Merciless Times”. This song is just,… words can’t describe it really. It’s the song I recommend whenever I want to introduce the band to someone. The Arabian folk vibe is great on this song. But this vibe in no way drowns out the metal. If anything, it complements it so perfectly. It’s like the different elements are dancing together in a ball room. It’s that good. The vocal work….man. Just go listen and see for yourself. While the tempo is not that much different from the previous tracks, it still manages to stand out.

Tales of the sand” follows as the fourth track. The energy is somewhat lower than the first three songs. The Arabian folk elements are really strong here. So much that the chorus has parts that aren’t sang in English (swoooooooooooooons). The tempo of the song picks up a little at the guitar solo section though. At some point it even goes full “melodic death metal” with some wicked blast beats to complement the solo.

Sour sigh” is the fifth track. Kicks off with a very melancholic keyboard and violin section which then transcends into some really heavy metal riffing and drumming. The energy in the verses are not so high but the chorus is a really powerful stuff. The Arabian folk elements in this song can be easily missed but sometimes I wonder if it has any. It just feels like a head-bangin’ track to get the listener pumped after the folky ambient and almost soothing first four tracks.  This song really does take you by surprise unless you’re reading this review and I’ve spoilt that experience for you. (Opps! Spoilers!!).

Dawn within” is up next and the heavy metal vibe is there in full throttle. Nothing too fast paced. But it does a good job taking you down from the high of the previous track. But it in no way takes you dowwwwwwwn. No it just turns things down a notch. And a bass lick that precedes the blistering guitar solo on this track is just great.

Wide shut” comes in next and the tempo picks up a little again. But the sheer aggression of the last two tracks is tuned down a bit, just a bit. This is one of the tracks that didn’t hit home for me on the first listen but I grew to love it. My favorite segment on this song, and one of my favorites on the album starts from the 3:40 minute mark to the 4 minute mark before the solo. It’s just an awesome build up to the solo.

Requiem for a goodbye” starts with a synth intro followed by “melodic death metal-ish blast beats and riffing”. This is the second song that didn’t hit the home run on the first pitch (baseball reference, sorry). But on a second and third listen, I grew to love the track. The guitar solo \man/ the way they ended the solo section of this song with the wicked drumming. I can’t use words. You just have to hear it.

And then comes the prelude to the end, the number nine song on the track list, one of my favorite songs on this album,

Beyond the stars”, the haunting intro that then gets pummeled by some ferocious drumming, the very folky chorus that comes in to pacify you after, then the death metal  drumming, then the next verse. This song is so amazing I forgot how to speak English temporarily. Then another favorite musical segment of mine starts from the 3 minute mark and continues till the end of the song. This I won’t spoil. You have to go get the album and listen to the song yourself. Okay, here’s some incentive to go find the song: I once saw a video of a woman belly dancing to the song on YouTube….

Then comes the final track, “Time to grow”, The album closer. It’s a good song. Very powerful metal in it’s energy and vocal delivery. And then the album ends.

Now I’ll be blunt. The 2nd and Final track, are my least memorable songs on this album. I really think “Requiem for a goodbye” should have been the song to close this album. But then “Time to grow” would probably not fit well at any other point in the album. Some might say that the songs don’t “meld well together to form a cohesive album”. I disagree, well with the excepton of the final track, all the other songs go well with each other.

The album as a whole was fun to listen to. It still is fun to listen to. Whenever I’m on a road trip that’s going to take hours, I usually just pop this album into my playlist. Yeah, the second and final track probably get skipped but that’s just 2 songs. The other 8 songs on the album are great, in my opinion. Sure, some are greater than others *cough* Beyond the stars *cough* Merciless times *cough*.

I know a bunch of people who have listened to the songs and have asked me if the band is Indian. I think it’s the folk elements that give that vibe. I’ll be real with y’all, this is the first folk-metal type album I have given multiple listens to EVER! This TALES OF THE SAND album is that good. You think I’m overhyping the album?? Fine, Listen to it and use the comment section below to express whatever inaccuracies you find in this review :p.  By the way, they have a new album  titled “Legacy”, that came out a month or two ago and my review of that album would be coming up soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed and look forward to it.

Till next time, keep supporting your local bands\m/


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