Myrath New Album (Legacy) is Out

MYRATHS new album is out. And while I haven’t listened to the whole album, the few songs I have listened to are quite nice. Wait, I just realized some of you might not know the band. Well until, December last year, neither did I.

Where to start? Okay, MYRATH is a Metal band that hails from Tunisia and while they are a metal band, their music is pretty accessible. By that I mean there’s hardly any screaming, growling etc. Just Zaher Zorgati on singing duty and boy he can sing. Hell yeah, he was also a nominee for best vocalist in the African rock music award we hosted on the site last year.

Merciless times is the first song from their 2011 album I heard (Legacy) and I was IMPRESSED. I think i did the whip’n’neigh-neigh dance to it one time, anyway, the song is dope. You know what? You check it out for yourselves.

I love these guys. I think they’re the first folk/oriental metal band that I’ve ever really really really enjoyed listening to. I just like the middle eastern folk vibe that’s been integrated into their music so well, it doesn’t sound like the folk elements are competing with the metal elements. That’s really hard to pull of. A number of bands I’ve heard trying to meld folk elements don’t get it right. Not that their music is bad or boring. But the folk and the metal seem like they’re competing for attention instead of being in harmony with one another.

That’s my favorite song of the three that I’ve heard from their new album (Legacy). Honestly I’m surprised i didn’t hear of this band sooner. So If you like the songs above, you should definitely check out their albums. While i haven’t listened to the new one in its entirety, I have listened to the (Tales of the Sand) album where Merciless Times hails from. That album was a good one, still is. I’ve listened to it at least 20 times since the year began. I will try to listen to the new album and give you guys feedback as soon as I can and even write a review for the album 🙂

But so far, this year is looking good on the heavy music front. A lot of bands I follow are dropping new tunes this year. Some already have (this includes MYRATH, that can’t be understated). And so far none have been a disappointment. So yes, i urge you guys to check this band out. I promise you won’t be disappointed (I hope). To buy their cds and merchandise, click here.

Till next time champs and wait for the review of Legacy Album, to read the review of Tales of the Sand(2011) Album, click here. Support your local bands\m/


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