Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Joshua Barkley of Imperial Destruction

Hello world, it’s another thursday of the year, so we are going to be browsing through Joshua Barkley top 5 video playlist. He plays the guitar for the band and he gets all the ladies also. He’s the Man, sit back and press play.

I’m Broken by Pantera

It’s attitude and fucking rock n roll. The energy in this video is palpable. I also love the simplicity of it. Dudes jamming in a room, simple as that.

Asleep in the Deep by Mastodon

Where do I begin?! What’s cooler than a cat going on a mystical quest to fulfill his destiny. Maybe the amazing puppetry and colour in this video. A entire magical world unfolds before your eyes and it’s beautiful.

Our Endless War by WhiteChapel

The camera work this are next level, everything about this video is roaring heavy and tight plus the slow motion.

Hate by Design by Killswitch Engage

Taking the very simple idea of dudes jamming and contrasting it against the light and dark spaces in an image just looks good. These guys did it, good ol black and white.

Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age

This video is one of the most killer animations I’ve seen. Loads of interesting characters making their way through the night and looking for a good time. The setting for this video never gets old. It’s very Mad Max.

Hope you enjoyed Joshua’s playlist, stay tuned at Audioinferno for more of your favorite artistes top rock videos. Support your local bands\m/.




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