Remembering the Heavy 5 yrs Metal Blast Festival Festival in Egypt

Heavy 5 years, Heavy 5 years Metal Blast Festival in Egypt!!. The organizers and the supporters and fans of the heavy 5 years have kept this event going for heavy 5 years despite the satanism talks and metal getting called evil and all sorts, I have friends in Egypt they tell me how they close most of the venues that  do metal shows in Egypt and the police beating up people and all kind of things. Well it’s not only in Egypt, it’s everywhere. Before the show took place, we talked to the organizers of the show and they told us how they put much energy and effort in the festival, it was not easy pulling foreign bands to come to play in Egypt . Cheers to them and may they keep that vital energy flowing inside of them.

We interviewed Mikko, the vocalist of Swallow the Sun(Finland), read the interview here as well as Sigmund of Inner Missing(Russia), read the interview here. These are only the 2 foreign bands that came, the other bands that performed were from the Egyptian scene. AND WE HAVE PICTURES!

metal blast festival.jpg30

metal blast festival.jpg29

metal blast festival.jpg28

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metal blast festival.jpg26

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metal blast festival.jpg19


metal blast festival.jpg18

metal blast festival.jpg17

metal blast festival.jpg16

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metal blast festival.jpg14

metal blast festival.jpg6

metal blast festival.jpg7

metal blast festival.jpg6

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metal blast festival.jpg3

metal blast festival.jpg2

metal blast festival

Audioinferno does not assume credits for the pictures taken. Full credit goes to the photographer(s.)

To view more of the festival pictures, click here and here. Support your local bands \m/


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