Iron Maidens to come to South Africa Mid-May (Tribute Show)

iron maiden

Bruce and Clan are gonna be hitting South Africa Shores on May 17th! Iron Maiden!! Iron Maiden is a band that i have respected in terms of their will, lyrics and more, i would like to sit down with Bruce and talk about anything and everything with him.

Matthew Cox(Thread of Omen) is one of the guys i respect in the South African Scene, see what he has to say about the tribute show

The Lamb of God tribute show I hosted last year was such a success and was such a fun experience, I had to carry on with this tradition. Since Iron Maiden are hitting our shores in mid May 2016, I decided to go that route and do an Iron Maiden tribute. Similar to the LoG process, I got in touch with some musicians I thought would suit the roles of Maiden best. We went through a few lineup alterations but we’re all very satisfied with the current arrangement. We revealed members on a weekly basis leading up to the show. Working with these guys has been such a treat and from what I can see, everyone has enjoyed the rehearsal process. I’m really excited to take this to the stage and see how it all goes down.

Here’s the full lineup and each member’s respective band(s):

Band 1: Children of the Damned

Vocals: Chris Hall (Infanteria, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend), Guitar- Oliver Saggerson (Bulletscript), Guitar- Minaz Dhanani (Reverse The Sands, Atlantic South), Bass- Matthew Cox (Thread of Omen), Drums- Dane Canterbury (Megalodon, Betray The Emissary).

Band 2: The Troopers

Vocals: Brett Bruton (All Guns Full Ammo), Guitar- Gareth Ashton (Dustland Express, Reverse The Sands), Guitar- Minaz Dhanani (Atlantic South, Reverse The Sands), Bass- Tim Leibbrandt (Infanteria), Drums- Dane Canterbury (Megalodon, Betray The Emissary).


The tribute show is also a great chance for those who are unable to attend the Iron Maiden show to be able to see their favourite Maiden tunes live and have a fun time singing along to some great Maiden tunes all performed by some of cape town’s top metal musicians so the show is taking place on Saturday the 14th of May at ROAR/Gandalf’s in Observatory, Cape Town.
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