Top 10 Angolan Metal jams Monday Playlist


Hello metal brothers and steel sisters so this week, Audioinferno would be taking you to Angola. After over 40 years of almost continuous war, Angola lay in ruins. The brutal civil war, which followed the war of independence, ended in 2002. Angola hardly seemed like a fertile area to birth a rock/metal scene. However, against all odds, Angola has a strong rock and metal scene nowadays, with some bands even taking the war experience as inspiration. And it is only continuing to evolve and expand, as new bands with a diverse range of sounds emerge regularly. Sit tight and enjoy some Angolan metal \mm/.

Maos ao Ar by M’uvla

System by Dor Fantasma

A Grande Conquista by Before Crush

Kilapanga do orfao by Cafe Negro

 Breaking my Way by Nothing to lose

Carnivorous Wound by Horde of Silence

Of Life Love, Hate and Death by Eternal Run

Filho Prodigo by Ultima Ceia

Broken Life by Redlink

You are Liar by Black Soul

Hope you enjoyed some good Angolan metal, stay tuned to Audioinferno as we will be delving deep into rock from African countries. As always, we urge you guy to feed us on the bands you know from around Africa. We don’t know em all so we ask the readers to share bands with us. Support your local bands\m/




Name is Austin, peeps call me Austinrock. I like to interact with bands. You DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained here \m/{*¿*}\m/ …THERE…OK. I’m a huge Melodeath metal fan. I’m proud to be a METALHEAD. Metal isn’t for everybody, it’s for the chosen few. Most friends I have tell me they don’t understand why I like metal, that it is too much noise. They just going to have to listen beyond the noise and the truth is they don’t have to figure it out, it is either in you or it isn’t. Metal is my morning coffee and it’s my night sleeping pills…

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