Smooth Mike to carry on with PHFAT after split

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After 5 years, two digital EP releases, a full length album, various hit single releases, many coveted festival slots, sold-out shows and international tours: The time has come for the well loved independent rap act, PHFAT, to change shape.

PHFAT released this statement on Facebook Thursday morning, 5 May 2016:

Since the last big change at PHFAT, the journey has been indescribable. Between 2014 and 2015 we played nearly 200 shows to an almost incalculable number of people. We shared music that we poured ourselves into and it was received with the biggest compliment an artist could be paid: We have been able to live off of our art. And as beautiful as all of that is, it is also vulnerable. It is like trusting a friend with a precious secret and having that trust respected. So, from both Narch and Mike, we would just like to extend a big thank you. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

As with all journeys however, this one has reached a fork in the road and we (Mike and Narch) have decided to amicably part ways. Mike will be carrying on as PHFAT and Narch Beats will be carrying on as an independent producer. The split affords both of them the opportunity to do what they love most. To make, release and perform music. As to be expected there is some pain – but no bad blood. They will be supporting each other’s future endeavours whole-heartedly. They love each other dearly and it is with each other’s best interests at heart that this decision has been made.

Information about a new PHFAT single release and tour will be announced soon.

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