Finis Omnium CHAOS.HATRED.TYRANNY Album is a Must Listen

So I am chilling in my room when Sayed Ragai buzzed and told me to listen to his band and i was like yea, i’ve listened to both of your bands which is Sinprophecy and Outcast 44 and then he laughed at me and said not those ones and i was like which one again Sayed and he said Finis Omnium and he gave me a link so i listened to it, i was stoked and pumped at the same time.


So Finis Omnium is a Melodic Death Metal band that hails from Cairo, Egypt. CHAOS . HATRED . TYRANNY is an ideological album and it discusses the notions stated in the album name. Notions that are predominant over any political stage worldwide. The album is a mere musical interpretation of the beginning of the end. The end of dreams of prosperity, the end of equality, the end of reason, the end of all. It is a cry for the chaos and eternal night that have started and that are destined to rule. Sayed Ragai was on vocals & lyrics while Tarek Brery on Guitars & Arrangements  and Moanis Salem on Bass & Programming.

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