(Review) Lower than Hell by Crooked

I’ll go right at it here, ‘kick ass song but a kick ass song drowned by the vocals.’ More on that soon.  For a while we’ve waited on something fresh from Crooked. When I say we I mean me. Ever since I saw the band’s version of Seven Nation Army on YouTube, my interest peaked and soon after we had an interview with two members of the band (you can watch that HERE.) Part of what pulls you to the band is their alternative lifestyle and how they translate it to their music. In case you haven’t guessed, Crooked is mainly into Alternative Rock music and that’s saying something really. We need to see more Alternative bands. Now then, let get back to the review here…

The song’s intro sets you up brilliantly. It’s a lazy riff (which reminds me of Slayer’s Dead Skin Mask, great song, you should check that out) mixed with an effect I’m struggling to recall here (I haven’t messed with my guitar and effects in a while so forgive me) but it works great as an intro. Kat’s vocals come in next and if you know Kat, well it’s easy to get carried away when she talks let alone when she sings. Magic or witchery, you decide. But, just before you get to the chorus, you start to notice how her vocals completely drowns the main riff of the song. Now, this must me a me thing but I’m a sucker for lazy slow and simple riffs, they are the most memorable for me, but Kat’a vocals buried the riff and it might be intentional. Some folks focus on the vocals, others on both while some focus on the riffs. The chorus of the song will emphasize what I’m saying here. Lyrically the song won’t be bagging awards but the messages is clear enough to grasp and trust me you will get the message quickly, just, don’t over think it, enjoy it more like. There was a bit of a “breakdown” moment in the song, which might seem weird when you consider this is an Alternative song but, no, it isn’t weird. The breakdown also seemed low in volume, so I got thinking, “why not raise the volume there a bit” then it hit me; wouldn’t that make it a Metal song then? People usually have different views on how a song crosses from a normal song to Metal but I’ll let you guys talk that one out. It was (the breakdown) a brilliant set up to the solo. As you’re probably accustomed to, a spine tingling solo often has a bit of Delay on there, this solo does. It’s worth the listen.

Lower than Hell is a song you will love when you listen to it a second time. So, I insist you do so. Is the song worth a chance let alone a second chance, yes. Is it the greatest thing to come out of Africa….c’mon! Who asks that sort of thing anyway.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars     


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