Band of the Month : Overthrust (Winter Metal Mania is near)


We are taking you to Botswana, a metal rich country. Our band of the month is no other than Overthrust, a metallic royalty band all the way from Botswana. This is a band that have made bbc come to the shores of Africa to learn more about the African scene.

When you hear Overthrust, what comes to your mind? Well what comes to my mind is Volcano. Look your dictionary up, Overthrust means thrust-push suddenly/violently in the specified direction or suddenly lunge or attack.

The kind of metal Overthrust plays is extremely higher than expected in quality, craziness and loudness than what is commonly played. Overthrust generally resemble over thrusting, aggressive, penetrating sharp electrical tempo produced by the band especially on the drums just like a volcano. All in all they are the force, over the already existing force of rock N roll scene.

Overthrust Rock band was formed way back, towards the end of 2008 and the band became active for the very first time in 2010. The band was formed by Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust, Shalton Monnawadikgang aka Spencer Thrust, Gakeitse Bothalentwa aka Suicide Torment and Balang Folai aka Bist.They currently have a rhythm Guitarist Lepololang Malepa aka Godfather who joined Overthrust on June 2010 and a bassist and guitarist, Tshepho Kaisara aka Dawg Thrust who joined them in April 2013. The band is currently based in Gantsi where it was started.

Overthrust front man-Vulture Thrust

Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust

Overthrust play extreme rock music usually known as old school death metal under the category of Rock Music Genre. The band front man and core founder of Overthrust “Vulture Thrust” was inspired and influenced by a well-known guitarist by the name Tumelo Matshameko aka Stux Daemon from a local extreme rock band by the name Wrust.

To know more about the touching and moving story of Overthrusts ‘Desecrated deeds to disease’ album, click here. I am sure you all have listened to the album before, it’s brutal and neck breaking. You guys need to relisten again

Listened to that brutal album piece ?

One thing i love about Overthrusts song titles, it is aggressive, over thrusting and aggressive. Take a look at the song titles of their ‘Desecrated deeds to disease’ album. So Audioinferno will be telling you the new tracks of their new album (Slaves of Myth) that will out January 2017.

Territory of death, Victims of curse, Gernital Surgery, Fallen Witches, Death mental, Slaves of myth.

‘Slaves of Myth’ is a 10 tracks brutal album, the remaining 4 tracks will be communicated next month, stay tuned.

MEANWHILE the 7th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest is near!!


The event “OVERTHRUST WINTER METAL MANIA FEST” was started by Overthrust Rock Band in May 2010. It was initial started as an ordinary annual rock festival, its main purpose was to bring all followers of rock music in one place to associate, unite and re-unite and have all local rock bands performing. The festival was initially called “Kgalagadi Desert Festival” in 2010 but upon realizing that the name sounded similar to other people’s brand it was changed in 2011 to “Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest” meaning a huge massive winter rock festival organised by Overthrust Deathmetal Band. This festival is an annual National big charity Rock Music Festival held in winter either in end of May or first week of June every year. It usually attracts various Rock Music Bands from all corners of Botswana and recently bands from outside are taking part in it.

So this years fest will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of May at Gantsi community hall, the program are as follows :

Friday 27th May 2016

Starting time: 10.00hrs
Ending: 05.00hrs
Soundcheck and Djs time: 10.00hrs to 19.00hrs
Stake holders services on: 10.30hrs to 16.30hrs
Friday lineup registration: 19.00 to 19.40hrs
Organizer Welcome Remarks: 19.45hrs to 19.55hrs

Bands Lineup

  • Jam Session: 20.00hrs to 21.00hrs
  • Synader: 21.10hrs to 22.00hrs(MAUN)
  • Raven in Flesh: 22.10hrs to 23.00hrs(GABZ)
  • Skeletal Saints: 23.10hrs to 00.00hrs(MAUN)
  • Rokara: 00.10hrs to 01.00hrs(GABZ)
  • Nodd: 01.10hrs to 02.00hrs(S/PHIKWE)
  • Dust n Fire: 02.10hrs to 03.00hrs(ORAPA)
  • Remuda: 03.10hrs to 04.00hrs(MAUN)

Then Metal party and Camping, R50 gets you in.

Saturday 28th May 2016

Starting time: 10.00hrs
Ending: 05.00hrs
Soundcheck, Djs, Acoustics, Arm Wrestling: 10.00hrs to 19.00hrs
Saturday lineup registration: 15.30hrs to 14.00hrs
Ride and March against Poverty: 16.30hrs to 17.30hrs (From Kalahari to Community hall)
Rokara Open for Special Guest: 18.00hrs to 18.30hrs
Welcome Speech Special Guest: 18.35hrs to 18.45hrs
Raven in Flesh: 18.50hrs to 19.20pm

Bands: Group 1

  • Barren Barrel: 19.10hrs to 19.40hrs(MAUN)
  • Metal Fashion show activity: 19.45hrs to 20.05hrs
  • Nodd: 20.10hrs to 21.00hrs(S/PHIKWE)

Group 2

  • Dust n Fire: 21.10hrs to 22.00hrs(ORAPA)
  • Evergreen: 22.05hrs to 22.40hrs(S/PHIKWE)
  • Remuda: 22.45hrs to 23.30hrs(MAUN)

Group 3

  • Overthrust: 23.35hrs to 00.15hrs(GHANZI)
  • Adorned in Ash: 00.20hrs to 1.20hrs(PRETORIA, RSA)
  • Alive n Bolder: 01.25hrs to 02.10hrs(GABZ)
  • PMMA: 02.15hrs to 03.00hrs(MAUN)
  • Barren Barrel: 03.00hrs to 04.00hrs(MAUN)

Sunday 29th May 2016 will be an after party at Hilltalk Nightclub, Ghanzi.

Stay tuned for an interview with Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust, the founder of the band on Wednesday. Support your local bands\m/



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