Getting to know Tshomarelo Mosaka (Vulture Thrust) of Overthrust


Overthrust was the band of the month here in Audioinferno, click here for details so we decided to interview the founder of the band by the name Mosaka, people call him Vulture thrust, i call him The Vulture. Enjoy the interview

A.I: Where are all band members from?

The Vulture:

Im from Rakops, Botswana, Suicide the drummer from Maun, Botswana , Spencer lead guitarist from Motopi, Botswana, Godfee from Maun, Botswana and Dawg bassist from Serowe, Botswana.

A.I: Who does what in the band?

The Vulture:

Vulture Thrust – Lead vocalist and Bassist -Spencer, Thrust – Guitars (lead), Suicide Torment – Drums, Godfather – Guitars (rhythm), Dawg Thrust – Bass/guitars.

A.I: What was the ambitions of the band when you started?

The Vulture:

To do what we love most, playing metal and taking it to people.

A.I: To create a new music style in our country, to play as many places as possible and mostly just to have fun! Could you explain your music to someone that haven’t heard you?

The Vulture:

We are extremely heavy, we sound very raw, natural and original sound, fast blast beats from the drums, heavily distorted guitars, walking bass line and demonic deep growling vocals with very dirty “I don’t care” lyrics.

A.I: Where was your first gig?

The Vulture:

March 2010 in Ghanzi, Botswana at Ghanzi Community Hall.

A.I: Where was the latest gig?

The Vulture:

21st March 2015 in Gaborone, when BBC was shooting a documentary about Skinflint and Botswana Metal Scene, we were part of that documentary with Wrust.

A.I: Who writes your songs?

The Vulture:

Myself Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust.

A.I: Who writes the music who writes lyrics and who has the best sense of humor in the band?

The Vulture:

I write the lyrics, the band composes the music, we all have the best sense of humor in the band.

A.I: What genre do you feel you are?

The Vulture:

We do “Old School Death Metal”.

A.I: Why did you pick that particular style?

The Vulture:

Because we love it, it sounds original, natural and real, get what I mean, we like it old school, raw sound and free style.

A.I: What are your songs about?

The Vulture:

Dirty Deeds and Death.

A.I: Do you write your own material or mainly covers?

The Vulture:

We write our own materials.

A.I: Have you made any albums?

The Vulture:


A.I: If yes what are they?

The Vulture:

A single album: Freedom in the dark recorded in April 2011 and now upcoming debut album: Desecrated Deeds to Decease recorded in December 2014.

A.I: Do you have any clips on YouTube?

The Vulture:

Yes, here is the link: deathmetal band.

A.I: What got you started in music?

The Vulture:

I grew up in a family of cowboys and Rockers, my uncle and Cousins were big followers of Heavy Metal and I used to spend most of time with them listening to Iron Maiden Albums and Cannibal Corpse and by then I was about 13 years old, I then started admiring their attire, leather pants, jackets, metal t-shirts and boots, they gave me some and I started dressing up till I became what I am right now.

A.I: At what age did you start playing?

The Vulture:

When I was 23 years in 2008.

A.I: How old were you guys when you first stood on stage?

The Vulture:

I was 25, the lead guitarist Spencer Thrust was 26 and the drummer Suicide Torment was 20.

A.I: What year was the band started?

The Vulture:

We started in 2008 but the band became active in 2010.

A.I: Best/worst gig you’ve played?

The Vulture:

Sometimes in November 2011 we made a mini-tour in Kalkfontein, Sehithwa and Toteng-Botswana, the first show the gate keepers disappeared with our money and they denied having taken any money but we had crowd and support though it was a small village, the second show which was a combination of other artists from a different genre made a deal with the owner of the bar that we were playing at and they were payed by the owner of the bar and they too disappeared with the money and we had nothing and the last show that we payed for the venue,with intent to make something out of it was the worst as there were no people and the stage electricity or wiring had faults and we were shocked by the electricity I nearly died as when I was sound checking my base I got shocked to the extent that my arm was dislocated, now that’s what I call a nightmare.

Hope you enjoyed the part 1 of this interview, stay tuned to Audioinferno for the part 2 of this interview. Support your local bands\m/


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