Myrath’s New Album “Legacy” Review

So, I loved Myrath’s TALES OF THE SAND album and we also did a review of the album, click here for the review. So it should come as no surprise to y’all that I decided to be on the lookout for whatever else they had in store for the world to listen to. My wait was not long as they dropped another record titled “Legacy” earlier this year.

It kicks off with an instrumental titled Jasmin” which transitions seamlessly into Believer”. Believer is actually the first song I heard, I saw the music video on YouTube and at that time, I didn’t feel the song much. When I heard the song on the album, I totally felt it, nice jam. The tempo picks up on the “get your freedom back”. The song is really upbeat and melodic. I enjoyed listening to it but it never sticks to my long term memory.

“Nobody Lives” comes in as the 3rd full song on the album. It takes things down a notch with a more melancholic and Arabian folk vibe. I do love the breakdown that goes after the second chorus, though. That breakdown was a pleasant surprise as it wasn’t your typical chuggy breakdown. It had some really cool odd meter riffing in it which made it sound atypical. Atypical is good.

“The Needle” comes in with a pummeling intro that creates the image of an army marching to war. This changes as the song switches things to a more melodic tone. The guitar solo on this track is really nice too.

“Through your Eyes” was weird, good weird. Something about all the melody in it created an image of a choir singing. It also has one of the more memorable choruses on the album.

“The Unburnt”, a fantasy lyrically themed track (I think) comes in next with its aura giving a similar feel that complements the lyrics.

“I want to die”, okay I don’t want to but that’s the title of the song. Anyway, this song is another highlight of the album in my opinion. Really melancholic too and I like my melancholy.

“Duat” comes in with a keyboard and vocals first, before the drums and guitars kick in. Its one of those songs I tend to forget why I liked but only remember I liked it. Then I listen to it and I remember why I like/love the song. Then the song ends and I have song amnesia again. I know it sounds weird but it’s happened to me over the years with different songs so I’m sure it’s a thing.

“Endure the Silence” comes in with radio static and a piano before the full force of all the musical instruments kicks in. It’s a pretty cool song too.

“Storm of lies” follows the silence (see what I did there?) and picks up the tempo and energy a bit. It’s arguably the heaviest song on the album. Although it isn’t that heavy. Well it’s not as heavy as “Beyond the stars” from their TALES OF THE SAND album. But the song does get heavier just after the second chorus which works well for the song and helps keep the energy high while the solo is on. There is a blast beat towards the end during the final chorus but it’s kinda easy to miss. Then the storm of lies takes you on a melodically turbulent journey and leaves you on the…

“Other Side” the final track in this album keeps the same melodic vibe that’s present throughout the album. It’s a pretty cool album closer. No complaints on that end.

But do I have any complaints? Well I really don’t know how to feel about the album. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s great. I just miss the surprisingly aggressive musical segments that were present in TALES OF THE SAND. That had a lot of death metal-esque musical passages. This album is so power/progressive metal with bits of folk and symphonic elements everywhere. And unlike TALES OF THE SAND, the folk and symphonic elements blend so well with the metal, it’s like they’re one. You almost forget its there but you don’t.

Another thing is almost every song feels so soothing. The vocal delivery made sure of that. If there’s one thing you can’t fault Myrath on, it’s their vocal delivery. It’s so beautifully done. The guys on the instruments are also far from slouches. The guitar solo/folk instrument harmonies on the album are a thing of beauty. The drumming is well done and manages to blend seamlessly with everything else. This album is the embodiment of precession in merging multiple layers of music. All in all, I think LEGACY is a more cohesive album than TALES OF THE SAND. The songs while having similar tempos and levels of energy manage to keep their individual identities. That’s not an easy thing to do. But with all that, I found myself not listening to a number of songs on repeat. Not because the songs are bad, no; far from it. They just didn’t strike me as hard as I wanted them to. “Nobody Lives”, “through your eyes”, “duat”, “Believer”…..these songs I certify. The rest…That depends on your taste, maybe. But please, do give this album a listen. It’s really well done and deserves to be heard. Cheers to Myrath for the slight change in sound and still coming out with something this good.

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