Crooked Snake Eyes Acoustic jam

Seems like the idea behind the video was just to have fun and it’s strangely fun to want them have fun like this. It’s not an official video but it emphasises the chemistry the band has, and it’s obviously the core of what the band does forming song to songs and video to videos. It is basically to have as much fun as they can, the video unites them as a strong and a upcoming band in South Africa.

Stay tuned to Audioinferno for more on Crooked and word has it here in the Audioinferno towers that they just released their first music official video. Support your local bands\m/


Name is Austin, peeps call me Austinrock. I like to interact with bands. You DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained here \m/{*¿*}\m/ …THERE…OK. I’m a huge Melodeath metal fan. I’m proud to be a METALHEAD. Metal isn’t for everybody, it’s for the chosen few. Most friends I have tell me they don’t understand why I like metal, that it is too much noise. They just going to have to listen beyond the noise and the truth is they don’t have to figure it out, it is either in you or it isn’t. Metal is my morning coffee and it’s my night sleeping pills…

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