Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Wian Bester of Imperial Destruction

imperial d14

Wian Beter Bester

Welcome again to our thursday thoughts with your favorite artistes around Africa. Wian is gonna be gracing you all around Africa with his top 5 rock videos. Just press PLAY wherever you are and enjoy the videos

5 mins by Pantera

Simplistic, Raw, no bullshit , just band members jamming hard and those wobblely strings are cool, haha.

Bringers of Death by Skeletonwitch

Because this is probably the coolest melodic band out there and whats not to like about zombies tearing stuffed animals apart? Some really cool angles and i like the filter as well but yeah, zombies killing life sized stuff animals for the win.

Mein Teil by Rammstein

Really hard to choose from all Rammstein videos. They’ve got some cool ideas for portraying their music but this one has always been a favorite. Good footage and it’s well synchronized with the music.

Bloodline by Slayer


 Bloodfreak by Necrophagia

And just for the love of gore, probably one of my favorite earth metal bands while growing up. Philip Anselmo still rocking on guitar, hehe. Pure tongue in cheek horror.

Hope you enjoyed the playlist, stay tuned to Audioinferno and keep supporting your local bands\m/


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