Dustland Express 2009 Self Titled EP is available for free download


Dustland Express self titled EP from 2009 is available for free download and they have added some new bonus tracks to it. Here is the link for download http://www.dustlandexpress.com/

They have added 2 of their new tracks ‘ The Solution and The Poetic Injustice of Rats‘ from their upcoming album “The Question Sir, is Why?” to their 2009 self titled E.P which can be downloaded for free at their website. The  self titled EP was released in 2009 and some of the songs are still included in their live set so they decided that they want their fans to not only have the older tracks but new tracks also, so they decided to re-release the EP with some of their newer tracks so the fans could get a taste of the direction they are headed with their upcoming album which will be released later this year.

Watch the video of The Poetic Injustice of Rats

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