Winners of the 7 Wacken Metal battle heats


We would like to congratulate the bands that won in the several Wacken metal battles that took place in South Africa from April, now that the finals are close at hands, the bands are really putting so much work so they could play in Wacken Open Air, Germany. That is every metalhead’s dream.

Desolation and Vulvodynia won the 1st Wacken metal battle heat.





Bulletscript won the 2nd Wacken metal battle heat.



Zombies ate my girlfriend won the 3rd Wacken metal battle heat.


Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Fuera withdrew from the 4th Wacken metal battle so Subject to Slaughter would replace them.

subject to slaughter.jpg1

Subject to Slaughter

Octainium won the 5th Wacken metal battle heat.



Riddlebreak won the 6th Wacken metal battle heat.



Killatoria won the 7th Wacken metal battle heat.



Those are the winners of the several Wacken metal battles so this winning bands would be battling each other on the 28th of May. There would be only one final winner and they would represent Africa in Germany in the Wacken Open Air!. Also featuring a guest appearance by Red Helen, the winners from 2014.

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