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Mobbing Bali 1They say we here at AudioInferno don’t like any thing that isn’t Metal. We’ll that’s largely laughable we wont be defending ourselves. Hmph 🙄 …ok, so maybe we will defend ourselves here a little. The thing is we generally work with what we have and Africa has an abundance of Metal bands, so there you have it. However, we usually go nuts when we stumble on a band that’s not Metal, cos you know, ‘different genre for once.’ We have a source who points us to these bands and we wont be disclosing said source just yet, sorry!

Now, Indie Rock is a not new to us, we know what it is, we just hate how we don’t get to see many of them. You can think of Indie Rock as you’d like but one thing sticks with this genre, the “feel good” feel, and the band Mobbing Bali has that in stacks. Exibit A:

Exibit A had us instantly so we had no choice but to put it out there. It so happens to be their newest single so you can believe they have some more stuff cooking there. A little info about Mobbing Bali for you here as they describe themselves (according to their Facebook page):

“There are 5 of us. One sings and complains. One plays the bones called ebony and ivory like a witch doctor, and one shreds harder than a cheese greater. Another one just bangs things. There’s one more but he has two less strings than the other guys, except for the guy who bangs things. He doesn’t use any strings. None.”

The band members include, Warren Vernon-Driscoll – Lead Vocals/Rhythm. Matt Weir – Bass. Jared Murphy – Lead Guitar. Mat Windsor – Keys. Kenric Potter – Drums.

Mobbing Bali

Right after listening to a couple 0f their songs, it’s safe to say they are band that deserves to have a piece of the “well known bands” pie. Found myself nodding my head slows when listening to the song Purple and Black, see below:

Great band and we hope to see more from them also. For more on Mobbing Bali, We got you! Also be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE.

Note: AudioInferno doesn’t assume credit for the pictures used in this post, full credit goes to the band and the photographer(s)


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