[Review] Symphonic Groove Metal Band ‘Surdus’ Releases Single Silence Will Fall


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So, I heard that there was a groove metal band with symphonic elements in their songs and i knew i had to review that piece!! Symphonic groove metal! I mean, that’s just awesome. So I listened to it here and i shall now give my not-so-humble opinion about the song, SILENCE WILL FALL. Oh by the way the band’s name is SURDUS.

So the song is kind of mid tempo and has a really simple riff that kicks in at the beginning. At the onset of what i can describe as raspy growls, the symphonic elements kick in during the first chorus, I think it was the chorus. Anyway at that point the song enters this blast beat/ epic choir combo that just hits that sweet spot. Almost had this progressive death metal feeling. After the second chorus, there’s near-silence with just the bass which is then interrupted by some groovy riffs. Then the chorus comes back in with the deep growls “The silence will fall!” The symphonic elements come in again with the choir and the violins and the blast beats then the song ends.

(Un) fortunately there’s no solo, with the heavy amounts of symphonic elements with the groove metal riffs, it hardly feels like it was needed. Quite frankly there’s a lot going on in this song so maybe it’s a good thing there wasn’t one. The eargasms would probably a little too much. That or it could have ended up as overkill (the not so good kind).

The vocals are quite harsh and raw and that gives the song some edge. I couldn’t make out a lot of the words. Well, besides the chorus but i still enjoyed my listen (multiple listens actually). The production level isn’t great but it’s not bad (I think that’s what gave the song its raw edge). The raw gritty sounding riffs and vocals were complemented with a barrage of symphonic elements but those weren’t played for the entirety of the song. Just the chorus and some sections of the verses. The ones in the verses were not as intense as those in the chorus. Man, the choir in the chorus was really nice.

Sure, hearing groove metal with symphonic elements is a bit weird but my ears adjusted to it in a matter of seconds. I really did enjoy listening to this song and I hope to hear more good stuff from SURDUS in the future.

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Seyi Obe

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