Crooked releases their first music official video ‘Lower than hell’

Crooked is back again, this time with their first official musical video ‘Lower than hell‘, we did a review of the track, click here to view. This guys are really doing good considering the little time they have been in the scene. Kat, the female vox of the band is a lady i’ve never seen before, so passionate about her music and the music that she has listened to over the years have defined the sound for the band along with the rest of the bands members.

Watch Crooked first official musical video ‘Lower than hell’

When i watched the video, i was impressed about the video being their first official music video. It’s fun, it’s dark, i’m really enjoying what i am watching here.

See what Kat(vocalist) has to say about the video

That i couldn’t have done it alone, i have so many people to thank for helping my realize my vision. There are 2 ways the video can be taken, you can either see the story which is the slave of the devil and her life feeding the fire under hell or you can see the true meaning about being trapped in a situation that you hate and you love at the same time. We want to thank our fans for all of the support they have given us, it means the world to us. Be prepared for more story based colourful videos and rocking music! This is only the beginning so are you ready to go lower than hell Creeps?

Hel yeah, Austin is ready. Support your local bands\m/


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