[Review] Lost Zion by Arka’n

ARKA’N, do you know the band? You don’t? Well, me neither. Not until this year when they dropped a new single and I was asked if I could do a review for it. I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked the link to the song “Lost Zion”.

Lost Zion kicked off with a simple yet catchy groovy nu-metal riff that brought back memories of me listening to bands like Papa Roach, P.O.D and Korn. Yes, in my opinion the riff is that catchy. I even found myself air-drumming to the opening passage of the song when the drums kicked in. There’s a lot of double bass blasting in this song, considering it gives me the nu-metal vibe. There’s even a really fast tempo blast beat that comes just as the song is about to end. It’s REALLY FAST! AUDITORY AK-47 ASSULT fast. For real, LOVED IT. I did not expect such a liberal use of the double bass pedal in such a mid-tempo nu-metal song.

The vocals were not what I expected as the verses were yells and screams. But then again, Slipknot uses harsh yells and they do nu-metal (sometimes). Anyway, the harsh vocals were not something I expected. Then the chorus comes in and the clean vocals are heard for the first time, about half way through the song.

With a runtime of about 3:15 minutes, the song does a good job of utilizing each second and making it count. It’s not too long, it’s not too short. It’s just right, at least I think so.

The production may not be perfect but at least every instrument is audible. Although there are times the drum feels a bit too loud, I felt it was okay. And I enjoyed being able to hear every double bass pummel, with such audacity. The bass line is probably the only instrumental portion of the song that did not get it’s chance to shine much because of the drumming. The guitar is pretty clear and the vocals are not drowned out by any of the instruments. The vocals don’t drown out the instruments either. It’s all just right.  Unfortunately, as much as the vocals weren’t drowned, I couldn’t make out words in the portions that had yelling and screaming.

I don’t really know if the nu-metal vibe was intentional though. We’ll have to ask the band about that. The reason I wonder if they were going for the nu-metal vibe was because there were times I felt they were trying to sound metalcore. I listen to both sub-genres so I think it’s cool. But I really did (and still do) enjoy the nu-metal riffage in the song. The blast beat at the end took me by surprise. GOOD surprise. And if you did not listen to the song before reading this, the blast beats will probably not surprise you…. #SpoilerAlert.

Anyway, “LOST ZION” is a really nice song. It’s not perfect, but it’s catchy and memorable and I find myself happy writing this review because of how much I enjoyed listening to it. I look forward to finding out how the band will sound on another track. Will they do metalcore, nu-metal or will they go with this weird but cool hybrid that they got going on? Only time will tell. Till then, enjoy the discovery of LOST ZION.

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Seyi Obe

Seyi Obe is a Project Engineer working with an Engineering firm in Lagos, Nigeria. He received a B. Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He loves rock music, and as a critic, he listens to all the sub-genres. His favourite sub-genre is Metalcore. He is head-honcho-in-charge of reviews on AudioInferno.com. When he is not managing any engineering project at the engineering firm where he works, he is here writing reviews for different categories of things, ranging from singles, EPs, albums, concerts and shows. He also writes articles on Rock Music and its development in Africa. He loves taking photographs, and is mostly responsible for supplying the quality high definition pictures that you see around the website.


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