[Review] Madagascar Metalcore Band ‘Behind The Mask’ Debut Single ‘The Message’


Intro over!!

Why am I excited about a metalcore act? Well, I’ve listened to the song (multiple times) and I have to say that the Madagascar based band, Behind the Mask knows their way around the genre pretty well.

The song opens with some sweet lead guitar licks that then transits into a breakdown barrage once you hear the word “GO!!” After that it’s chuggy, chunky riffing on the verses, which are quite well done. There is the chorus and that sweet lead guitar lick comes back to add some layer to the song. The vocals are mostly high and low yells used interchangeably. There were no clean vocals in the song but there were 2 sets of spoken word segments. And surprisingly I could make out some of the words the vocalist sang and yelled. Whatever, the point is I could hear to a certain degree, what the band has to say.

The instruments were quite audible, too. The first spoken word section was a bit brief and had just a low tempo clean guitar playing in the background and by clean, I mean undistorted. The song then continued to a second verse then second chorus AND A SOLO!!! THAT WAS SUCH A BIG SURPRISE. Metalcore songs that are this chuggy usually do not have solos but this one did and it was good and a portion of the solo was made up of the signature lick that was in the chorus. That just killed it for me. So once the solo is done the final chorus continues along with the final spoken word portion of the song which then brings the song to a close at the 3:33 minute mark.

The production was pretty cool, considering that this is the bands 1ST SINLGLE EVER! When I read that there was a metalcore band from Madagascar that had released their first single, I was skeptical, no i was pessimistic. I honestly did not expect it to be this good. This song is a jam. The solo was played with precision, the drumming is audible but not intrusive, the vocals are quite clear and there’s a lot this song does right.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. The spoken word part felt a bit off, the second in particular. The first is actually okay, seeing as it had that clean guitar portion only to complement it. The second had to compete with the lead guitar, chorus, drums and bass to be heard AND IT WINS. It was made louder, probably so that the instruments would not drown it. But as a result, it sounds a bit out of place. I think it would have been better if there was no other layer of vocals at that point of the song. Oh, well, it is their first single, also the song doesn’t do anything to reinvent the genre. Not that they have to, but it’d have been fun if they had some twist they wanted to add to the genre. Metalcore is a pretty wide subgenre. I have heard a lot of bands with different sounds and they are all classified as metalcore so some imagination is actually welcome. While this song isn’t groundbreaking, it does show that the band can hold their own in the genre. If the rest of their songs are this good, it probably won’t batter if they reinvent the genre or not. I just hope they keep up the good work they’ve started because for a debut single, this song really sets the bar high for them.

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Seyi Obe

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