What Audioinferno did on Valentine’s day


So, Valentine’s day was a while ago and as you may know, a lot of stuff went down since it fell on the weekend. Some flew to visit their beloved, some went to the cinema to watch deadpool. I went to watch it on the 14th with my cousin and a friend, awesome movie so yeah, busy weekend but something else went down that weekend.

Specifically on the 13th (Saturday) Feb 2016, that was the day Nigerian alternative band , The Isomers, released their second EP aptly titled “THE VALENTINE EP”. But they didn’t just make it available for purchase. No, they went out of the way and had an album launch party, actually it was more of a live event.

This show went down in the Classic rock café in Wuse 2, Abuja and I have to admit, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The numerous acts and bands that shared the stage with the isomers did a bang up job of keeping the audience entertained. And speaking of the audience, the turn out was really good, it actually got to a point that more chairs had to be brought to the venue. This level of support for the band put a smile on my face. Well the face in my head, everyone knows that when people type “lol” they do so with a frown. The turn out was excellent and the acts too.

They were great overall, lots of variety too. The genre of the acts that performed at the event range from alternative to neo soul and indie. Now, I’m more into the heavy stuff but I still had a good time. The bar at the event did cramp the energy a little though, with the whole blending of ingredients for cocktails and things. Besides that and a slight power supply issue but the show went on smoothly. I particularly enjoyed the performances of Bemsar, Seth, Sarah-Sax, The Isomers (but of course, the hosts can’t be dull in their own party) Zainab Sule and Ayda. That’s not to say that the rest of the acts didn’t do well. I just preferred the performances of the previously stated acts a little more. But yes, there were a number of performers that day and we at Audio inferno have the list of peeps that performed at the event.

Set list

  1. Seth
  2. Eve Urrah
  3. BemSar
  4. Sammy
  5. Bash
  6. The Isomers
  7. Zainab sule
  8. Abyde
  9. Ayda
  10. Jessica Bongos
  11. T-Salt
  12. Sara-Sax
  13. Mural T

And that there is the set list. You’re welcome to search through social media and things for them so you can sample their music. Who knows, you may discover some new music that will be your anthem for years to come. After the show was over, everyone mingled a bit and the Cds officially went on sale. It was at this point everyone began to mingle but not for too long, seeing as a number of them needed to go home and rest for Sunday service.

All in all, it was a fun show. No regrets attending it, besides the brief power issue and people always ordering for drinks that would require the bar tender to use a blender, it was cool. Congrats to The Isomers on this release and for the party.

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