[Song Review] Summoning by Sinprophecy

Hello everyone, today I probably won’t feel like coming up with some well thought out opening passage for this review. So today we are reviewing Sinprophecy’s latest record “Summoning”. Ready the operating table because it’s time for another dissection.

So this song kicks off with this haunting symphonic, melancholic intro that serve as background music to this chant. It’s really creepy, sounding, like If-my-mom-hears-this-she-will-think-I’m-communing-with-demons level creepy. And that’s not a bad thing really. Well, depending on whom you ask, freedom of expression and all that. Anyway, the song is really gloomy and almost doomy. It has this really slow down tuned mid-tempo feel to it throughout. I would almost dare to say this song is a death-doom metal song, it’s the vibe I get when listening anyway. There’s a really mellow part of in the song where the guitar, on a clean tone, goes on to be the intro to the somewhat brief but appreciated guitar solo. The tempo drops even more when the song comes close to the end then comes a breakdown-sih outro with blast beats that brig the song to an end. In all this mid tempo creepiness, there’s this haunting symphonic part that just keeps going and just manages to create atmosphere without actually competing with the other layers of the song for attention.

As is usual with extreme metal, the song barely has any clean singing, maybe none at all. Well, unless you count the choir sounding part of the orchestral layer. Man, how that thing manages to just blend in and not ask for attention, yet create such an imposing atmosphere is lost on me.

The production on the track is actually pretty good. It’s not overproduced, all the instruments are pretty audible for the most part and the vocals are pretty audible (for growls, anyway). The guitar parts are not mind blowing but they are definitely not boring. The drumming is pretty good too. And the guitar solo definitely made it a more fun listen.

I don’t really know what to say about the song that could have been done better. I think the song is cool but I am sure some would find it to me a bit unmemorable. The riffs don’t really stick with you when you eventually get done listening to the song. Some might also find its length a bit daunting, as the song is a little over 5 minutes long. But I think the band did put the time to good use. With the haunting intro, the guitar solo and the dynamic levels of intensity as the song goes by, I think they did well.

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Seyi Obe

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