Dove Slimme soars high with their latest single ‘Here I stand’


At a time i thought the Nairobi band Doveslimme have stopped singing or maybe disbanded but clearly i was wrong, their last single which was Finger tips bliss(Let’s Go) was the only song recorded by them last year. I have waited for another single from them, well they just gave it to us.

They are fronted by a female vox called Jillian. Her voice is as beautiful as her face and she knows how to rock. The first track i heard from them was Yelele, it was a massive hit and it was their first single also. It was a heavy song with a lot of haughty and lurking african voodoo vibe. Saidimu is their lead guitarist who also played guitars for Rish’s song ‘At the end of the day’. Their drummer then was Carrey Francis Ronjey who has been with lots of bands including Lust of a Dying breed and Parking Lot Grass.

Listen to Here I Stand

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