[Song Review] Here i stand by Doveslimme


Okay this is my impression with this song. Obviously marked improvement from ‘Fingertips bliss’ but still very pedestrian compared to their previous great songs like Yelele, Leo ni Leo and Identity. It’s a song that at first sounds like Doveslimme are trying to experiment with lots of new sounds. When the song begins there is an element vocals that are half weepy half reassured.

There are wavy echoey sounds that introduce the song that give the impression that you are in for a totally new experience. But thats not it, it goes on to develop into these repetitive passages that are an attempt to be catchy but just come off as strained almost seeming as if the song suffers from a lack of creative ideas vocally. The drums are thin soundwise to large degrees.

However the song redeems itself as it develops midway. The guitars are really crisp and mesmerising. They are perhaps the best aspect of this song and one thing though is the fact that Jillian’s vocals were absent.

This review is written by Dani Kobimbo, a guest reviewer. Dani is a mindless critic that dreams of creating a utopia of African Sounding rock music. Dani runs the awesome Kenyan rock blog, Heavy and the Beast, be sure to check it out!

He can be reached via email mail danikobimbo@gmail.com, Facebook facebook Dani Kobimbo and Twitter twitter @kob46

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