Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Alaine Martheze of Peasant


Welcome back to our Thursday thoughts where your favorite artistes get to showcase their top 5 favorite rock videos so in this week section, we would be getting into Alaine Martheze, the new vocalist of the South African hardcore band called Peasant top 5 rock videos playlist. Sit tight and enjoy

In the Arms of Perdition by Despised Icon

Brutal vocals, drums and an awesome blend of heavy genres. Awesome hardcore vocal style and the squeals are reals.

Eradication by All shall Perish

I dig the they they combine tech riffs and drums in an original & memorable way. Epic range on the vocalist too!.

Flashlights by The Front Bottoms

Awesomely honest music that feels genuine. Dig the simple melodic riffs and catchy vocal patterns.

Against me by Thrash Unreal

Since they started, they have pumped out quality meaningful punk rock songs. Such an original and awesome vocal style by Tom (now Laura Jane Grace). I grew up on punk rock so these guys have been a constant in my life.

Fear Before doesn’t listen to People who don’t like them by Fear Before

I love all the different vocal sounds these guys pump out. Quality original music and lyrics, combined with the erratic, melodic and unpredictable vocals do it for me. The whole album is a win.

Audioinferno doesn’t assume credit for the photos.

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