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Hello all you gorgeous rockers, metal heads and punkers out there! So guess what…..I GOT MY LED ZEPPELIN SHIRT!!!

A friend of mine replied to a Facebook status of mine saying he had one he never wore. So I cut off the sleeves and collar and boom. My very own classic rock tee, awwwwww yisssssss!  As you can see I took some of the cut material tied it around my upper arm and paired the look with some leggings and my spiked leather shoes.

It’s rather funny if you put something out into the universe and you ask enough times it will come to you in abundance. Since my last post I have now collected a Led Zeppelin, Kurt Cobain, Guns n Roses and Iron Maiden T-shirt. 

Also I have seen the hate that the S.A Iron Maiden tee was getting on Facebook saying it’s the worst one. You know honestly it wasn’t my first choice when I was looking at the shirts. But then I thought what band actually customizes shirts to the country that they visit! I mean wow! Look I don’t know how involved they were in the creating the merch process but I still think that’s pretty unique and pretty damn awesome. So I was very uncharacteristically patriotic……Why am I not usually patriotic? Well I grew up in so many places I don’t have just one place that I call home.

From the fashion side of the world they are saying and I quote… “ Punk is officially back, but in a more voguish look and max vengeance.”…um..sorry what? That’s saying be punk but tone it down…. that my dear fashion editor is nothing to do with punk. Being punk is being totally out there and going all out!! But I guess people with real jobs can’t just rock up to the office totally punk’ed out now can they?

However with this in mind the hair styles that have made an impact on the fashion world this year have been the pastel colors and white hair! White hair is very, very in at the moment. Also if you are like me and wear a lot of black then the white hair is an absolutely gorgeous contrast to the dark clothing. Another thing is plaits, plaits and more plaits. There are so many ways to do plaits and with pastel hair it looks like a dream!

As you can see my hairdresser and I have been opting for this waterfall plait lately for my live show look.

By the way check her out she is unbelievable. She has done the hair of so many punks and rockers she has lost count! Her name is Fidelia and you can find her on main road Sea Point in Cape Town 021 439 9586. Not only does she make my hair look epic she also takes great care of it. You can’t just go dye your hair any old color from any old box…you will damage your hair!! Take great care of it guys before you go crazy with it. Also get an honest hairdresser people, no matter how much you like a hair cut if it’s not going to work for your face IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK FOR YOUR FACE. Find something that does!

What I am seeing a lot of and liking a lot are these 2 items lately. First off the over sized cardigans! Oh they are so cool and comfy. They also look really good but give off the “I didn’t put too much effort into this” look.

Also I’m seeing a lot of the air force / army green jackets around! I have one of my own and I love it! Also no post of mine is complete without a Taylor Momsen pic.

And then I found this……it’s a cross breed between the green jacket and the leather jacket…..it’s beautiful. If you can find this…let me know where because this is a total must have!

I mean is that rock’n’roll or what! I love it!!!!!!!

So there is a Jewelry company in Cape Town called Bitter-Sweet. You can check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/BitterSweetClothing.CT/

Usually I wouldn’t go for such dainty jewelry but I found the contrast with my harsher masculine style and oversized clothing it brings out a little bit of femininity. For example by far my most favorite necklace of theirs would be the wings:

Aren’t they just so beautiful! It reminds me of a Harley Davidson symbol almost. I really like them they feminine but badass as well. Also if you know me you know I LOVE bracelets!  They have started a new thing called a Morse code bracelet! You can choose what message you want written on the bracelet too. I think this is beautiful and super chic but with an edge to it. Then going back to our pastel colour obsession: These stones are really gorgeous and look super striking with a black outfit. It’s all about contrast really lately!

Now out of all the companies why would I choose Bitter-Sweet to promote? Well they deliver so you can check out their stuff online and they will send to wherever you are! How epic is that! Check out Bitter-Sweet guys – http://bitter-sweet.co.za

Well that’s all I’ve got to say this month guys. Last month I told you it’s all about self expression and being yourself…I realized this month though before you can truly express yourself you need to love yourself first. Be your own best friend, your own fan, your own hero! What does this have to do with fashion? Well dress to impress yourself, take pride in you and your image! You are all you have so you may as well learn to love it and take care of it! The rest will just fall into place! Stay Crooked  😆

NoteKat Alice Coetzee is a member and lead singer of the band Crooked, you should visit the band’s Facebook page HERE


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