Half Price releases 6th album ‘Straight Outta South Africa’


That is what i thought also, Straight Outta South Africa, nice album name concept if you ask me. We rockers should shoot our own movie just like Straight outta Compton, something African talking about the state of rock.

So Half Price is a punk rock band from Cape Town and they have been in the scene for a very long time, 15 years and counting. This guys have been around since 2001 and they are definitely amongst the oldest 3 punk bands in South Africa (the second oldest in cape town). Since then, they have released 6 albums, including “Straight outta South Africa” which was released last week in the USA through punk outlaw records. Over the last 15 years they have toured through South Africa and Namibia on countless occasions, as well as Europe 4 times. Over the years they have featured in many magazines and blogs and online publications, the most notable one was probably album of the month in FHM sometime in 2010.

So their “Straight outta South Africa” album is only gonna be released in the U.S only. So the album have no new recordings, it features songs from the previous 4 recordings. The recordings and production was all over the place, the recordings was done at b-sharp in johannesburg, music lab in berlin and ddm studies in cape town.

So i sat down with Markus Dfg, a member of the band.

Audioinferno: Have you guys been a strictly punk band, no deviation from the genre because most bands, they progress from punk to hardcore so are you telling me that over the last 15 years, it’s just punk?

Markus Dfg:

Yes, always been punk, but as influences change so does the sound I guess. Our early stuff was more angry and raw heavily 1990s us punk influenced. About 10 years ago we were very much ska influenced, and our more recent stuff though kind of integrates our experience and our influences and has transformed into a more unique south African powerful punk rock sound.

Audioinferno: Ska means ?

Markus Dfg:

Ska is a style of music that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950, amongst other styles reggae evolved from it. Much later many punk bands started incorporating typical ska elements into their sounds. The bands we were influenced by most athe time were probably international ska punk bands such as the Mad Caddies, but also local South African bands such as Fuzigish, Hog Hoggidy Hog and the Rudimentals.

Audioinferno: Tell me the names of your bands 6 albums and their release dates ?

Markus Dfg:

Bush, Bin Laden and my mom’s naught (2003), Taking life seriously (2004), Banned (2006), The monotony of monogamy (2010), Programmed to party (2013), Straight outta South Africa (2016 – USA release).

What they live for is playing live and they always give their best no matter if there are 2 or 2000 people at the show and it is always lots of fun for them. Lastly there are currently a few old friends doing a documentary on the last 15 years of the band.

To get their album via Itunes, click here, to get their album via Amazon, click here, to get their album via their record label, click here

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