Top 10 Black metal bands in Africa

What if Black Metal meant African bands playing metal? Black Metal can be considered the darkest kind of metal music out there. Norway being the home of Black Metal, we would like to leave the Scandinavian scene for a moment and focus on the ‘Dark Continent’ as some people long time ago and some presently used to refer to our beautiful continent as. Today we’re going to look at the top 10 Africa Black Metal Bands.

Theatre Runs Red (South Africa)

theatre runs red

The black metal juggernauts all the way from Durban, South Africa was vomited from the underworld in 2008 and they descended into the South Africa scene all blackened with Lilitu leading the attack for the band. Since then, they’ve been crashing stages sending out the black metal vibes whenever they are performing live on stage with Lilitu spellbinding the crowd and making sure they have a bittersweet experience. When Lilith is on stage, she is possessed with an otherworldly hautingly beautiful presence leaving the crowd under her spell.

Hecate (Egypt)


Egypt’s dark black metal band (Hecate), when their backs are scratched, the ooze emanating from the scratch at their backs is just pure black, not only that, they retaliate with something brutal in a doomed way. Their ‘Oceans ov hell’ track was one of the songs that were nominated in our 2015 ARMA Awards for Best Metal song. A very brutal track with an Egyptian blackened melody that brims with anthems that makes you feel you’ve entered a graveyard seeing spirits adoring the tune.

Demogoroth Satanum (South Africa)


A all black BLACK metal band all the way from Soweto, South Africa formed by Brian in 2009. This hateful South Africa black metal band gigs have been successful earning them the chance to feature in Sam Duns documentary and an interview for a book by Edward Banchs called Heavy Metal in Africa. Whenever you hear the name ‘Demogoroth Satanum’, what comes to your mind? Well, what comes to my mind is the band leading you to lucifers doorstep. This band emanates deep down inside a portal to a hellish dimension whenever they are on stage.

Barzakh (Morroco)


The Northern heritage have always had a reputation for releasing great black metal and they are also known for refusing to play in the industry. Could it be this Northern heritage also reflects back to the African metal scene ? Barzakh, a North Africa one man experimental black metal band with Abdelillah handling all the instruments and the band sounds impressive considering it’s only Abdelillah handling everything. This one man experimental black metal band can do more than your six piece average metal band. The mysterious band name ‘Barzakh’ meaning a barrier between the physical and spiritual world in which the soul awaits after death. The band have their 2014 ‘Shallow Oceans’ to speak for them. A icy souless album to listen to.

Raven Legacy (Tunisia)


Taking the triumphant ways of the Norwegian black metal bruisers ‘Dimmu Borgir‘, Lord of terror was born in 2003 by Wassim Amdouni. In 2010, they changed to Raven Legacy. The tunisia black metallers have their heads stuck up in black metal and they sit within the black metal range. Their tracks makes you feel you are riding in a battle knowing that you will be killed.

Crow black sky (South Africa)


The super proficient South Africa black metal scene is an exciting prospect and one of the legendary black metal bands that made that happen is the Crow black sky. The South Africa black metal royalty have that cool, unfeeling, lifeless feeling when you listen to them. Their album ‘Pantheion‘ have attracted fans from all over the world as well as reviewers. This album is an album when listened to leads you to mysterious paths unconsciously upping your muscles making you feel relaxed allowing their black metal hymns metamorphise into the darkness so it can form something very powerful then it grasps you the listener. Stars of a God video is one of a kind.

Crescent (Egypt)


There’s absolutely nothing wrong about this Egyptian black metal band ‘Crescent‘. In 1999, from the wasted grains of a dying world came a dark pure entity called Crescent. The Egyptians album two years ago ‘Pyramid slaves‘ was very impressive yet has lyrics that are catchy and it could blow your mind and makes you feel like you are witnessing a black metal frenzy. Crescent also won the local battle of the bands in Egypt and they represented Egypt in Wacken 2014 battling against 30 countries and even reaching top 10.

Wildernessking (South Africa)


The Southablack explorers was formed in Capetown in 2011 and as they was formed, they brought with them a solid iron of blackened death to the S.A scene. Their drums are quite fiery while the guitar sounds are edgy with Keenan’s contrastly unclean sharply vocals bringing a scent of an intimidating authority. The Southablack metallers sure knows how to push their fans over the edge.

Spectral Realm (South Africa)


Pinpointing what is addictive about this six piece east rander black metal band is the way they dress, their eyeliners and matching outfits, dark in everyway. They look like people that are laying corpses to the ground. The band have went through  many lineup changes like fleas perching on a cow that is on heat. Theo screams with an anguished hyper ferocity trying to burst blood vessels of their audience when on stage. Voyage to Spectralrealm is a heart swell album to listen to.

Lesuth (South Africa)


The last but not the least is Lesuth, an upcoming black metal band from Johannesburg, formed in early 2013. It’s heartening to hear a band sound so black and  they have just released 3 singles, very good blacck!. This band is simply looking forward to establish themselves as a household name in the South Africa metal scene making sure their black metal sounds reaches as many ears as possible. Their vocalist, Khulekani Mtshali is sick and filthy in terms of his growls. This band is not afraid to go for the jugular.

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