{Song Review} Omega by Subject to Slaughter

These South Africa based band do know how to hit the heavy notes in the metal but is that enough to make OMEGA stand out as a HEAVY metal weight.

So the song begins with this really heavy riffage full of odd meter and palm muting riffs which then transition into the first growled verse of the song. This is then followed by a chorus ripe with more growls #NoCleanSinging. It’s all about the gory vocals in this song, there’s no sung portions in the vocals. The vocals are pretty cool though. The second verse is preceded by a passage filled with palm muting goodness. Then the chorus comes in after the second verse which then followed by palm muting goodness breakdown. Then a sweep picking solo follows soon after which then transmission into a solo riff that then goes on to close the song.

The band’s sound in this song does sound very djent. For those who are wondering if this song djents, it does big time. Especially in the breakdown. The palm muting awesomeness is obvious on 1st listen. I will admit that hearing an African band have djent-esque sound was a bit of a surprise and that alone was enough to get me pumped when I heard the song the first few times. But as time went on I entered “reviewer mode”. In the reviewer mode, I still enjoyed the song but not as much as I did when I first heard it. But the music notes do combine to form a memorable riff so it doesn’t stick to you quite easily if you’re into the sound.

The production on this track is actually quite good. While the guitars sound a bit processed, the song overall has a raw grit to it. Just a little, the vocal work is also well done. While I found it a bit hard to make out words in the song, I did enjoy the growls and the high pitched black-metal-esque screams that popped out occasionally.

One thing I did notice was that the song wasn’t as fast paced and ferocious as I initially thought. While that is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, I do think the song could have benefited from a little more ferocity in the energy output.

All in all, it was fun listening to an African brethren Djent. Do give the song a listen and let us (and the band) know what you think of the song.

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