{Song Review} Stay Away by Outcast 44

Outcast 44 kicks our teeth in with this new song called “Stay away”. This is the first song I’ve listened to by the band and seeing as I had no prior knowledge of the band, I had no idea what to expect when I hit play.

It starts off with a synth intro which serves as a prelude to a barrage of nu-metal riffage accompanied by a scream. There’s this eerie feel that the riff and synth give it that reminds me of Korn and Drowning Pool. Even the verses are done with this hushed whisper type singing that just adds to the eerie feel. The chorus kicks in with screams “STAY AWAY”. There’s some rapped/spoken word vocals underneath all the screaming and heavy riffage when the chorus kicks in but it’s a little hard to hear what it is that’s being said because the guitars drown out the voices. The third verse is done in a somewhat rap/scream kinda way. The vocals then end and a synth fades to wrap up the almost-4-minute journey.


I think this is a band with potential. A lot of potential. Despite the production value on the song being kinda on the low end, you can feel the raw energy and angst in the song. So much anger, it takes me back to the days I listened to angry Nu-Metal music. It’s a bit of a throwback in the sense that the aura of the song gives off the feels of an angry high school dude. The vocals especially those in the 1st verse sound very Korn-like. The passage before second verse gives off this drowning pool vibe. Then the 2nd verse comes in with the hushed whisper thing.

The riifs are pretty memorable and the song is pretty good, all things considered. The rapping/yelling in the 3rd were a bit more POD, maybe? But yeah, really good stuff.

The one thing that stops this song from being a GREAT SONG is the production. Some of the vocals are drowned out by the guitars, as I mentioned earlier. And the vocals are a little bit inaudible at times so it’s hard to say what it is they are singing and screaming about. Considering the fact that the band isn’t a Metalcore or Death Metal band doing growls that are usually inaudible on first listen (sometimes), it’s a little disappointing that a band that’s doing Nu-Metal would have the same challenge.

Production issues aside, this is a good song and I’m looking forward to hearing what Outcast 44 put out next and how they improve on things. Give the song a listen and holla at us and the band and let us know what you think.

Final Rating:


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