STANLEY JUNE: New single and music video – ‘Define Love’ (Press Release)

Photo by Christo J. Niemandt

It’s been a long time coming – Stanley June’s first single off his upcoming sophomore album is officially here! To celebrate the exciting release of Define Love, music lovers can enjoy the song as well as the official music video.

Stanley June has enjoyed many highs in his short career as a solo rock artist. Apart from gracing many renowned stages, he has also enjoyed favourable radio play with his previous releases. His most prominent radio achievement to date is holding the #1 spot for five consecutive weeks on the Zone Radio Top 40 chart with his song The Girl With The Ribbon In Her Hair. Stanley has also appeared on the national SABC 3 TV show, Expresso, the DStv channel, EDtv, and on the online channels BalconyTV and PockitTV.

Stanley June is very excited to introduce new and old fans to Define Love: “Define Love is a piece of music that illustrates the complications hinged to love and relationships. It explores the effect that dealing with loss, stress and afflictions can have on your loved ones.”

Highly esteemed producer and musician, Jake Odendaal from Maven Productions (who produced albums for Elvis Blue, Joe Niemand and Majozi, amongst others), produced Define Love. Stanley June’s debut album, Imitating Art, was a complete one-man-show, so the decision to include an outside professional, led to an interesting shift in sound and approach. “Although I haven’t steered away too far from the authentic Stanley June sound, Jake has the ability to get the absolute best out of an artist. He really pushed me and shaped my original vision for the song into the best product possible.” Stanley invited Andy Maritz (drummer for Dan Patlansky) to add his drumming magic to the song and Jake Odendaal played bass guitar. Stanley is responsible for all guitar and vocal parts on the track.

The music video relates very closely to the thematic message of the song. A lady in a red dress reminisces the good times of a relationship that isn’t currently in a good space, as she looks through old photographs. The photos come to life in band scenes of June and his band members (Jake Odendaal, Andy Maritz and Paul Loots) “We tried to portray the rollercoaster of emotions that relationships go through. The three main colours implemented are red, black and white; where red symbolizes love and black and white link to the sentimental aspect of nostalgia,” June explains.

Watch the Define Love music video:

Christo J. Niemandt is no stranger to the world of film and acted as cinematographer for this video project. Christo is especially known for his close involvement in many of Bittereinder’s music videos and has also worked on videos for Yesterday’s Pupil, Jack Parow, Albert Frost and The Black Cat Bones.

“My wish for Define Love is that people from all walks of life will be able to relate and identify with the song and video”, says June.

Download the song:



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