Dividing the Element gifts us Magetsi

…and it’s epic!

Definitely themes song material. Song gets you pumped from the onset. Dividing the Elements just released something really awesome here and we urge you to CHECK IT! Ladies and gents, Magetsi.

Now Dividing the Elements call what they play Metal. We assume because they aren’t too keen on labeling what they play and we think that’s a pretty good idea. Leaves a lot of room to experiment, easy to try new thing when you don’t have a specific label hanging over your every song. We have our own idea of what it is they play and I’m sure as hell the fans will too. Sweet little fact here bout the band: they hail from Zimbabwe. You read that right! Chris van (on vocals and guitar) describes the band like so:

“Dividing The Element are a Zimbabwean metal band that formed in 2012. The band’s initiative over the years has been to build a metal scene by introducing a new sound to those who are unfamiliar with the genre and to provide a release for the already existing metalheads within Zimbabwe through shows, but particularly through songs. In an attempt to reach out in a way that Zimbabweans can identify with, the band has been known to sing in one of Zimbabwe’s mother tongues- Shona.”

After listening to the song we had questions about it so Chris answered in kind:

“The song Magetsi is essentially about the resilience of Zimbabweans. For instance the line in the song that goes ‘Handina magetsi, ndiribho’ means “I have no electricity, I’m good.”

If you live in Nigeria presently, then you definitely can relate with that. Nigerians have a way of finding things to distract them from hardship. We love that line.

There are a lot more bands from Zimbabwe than we’ve managed to tell you about, so shame on us. Sigh, we can’t do it all you know, be kind on us. So with that we say this: If you know other bands from the great nation of Zimbabwe, we want in fast people. Also the song can be downloaded from the bands Bandcamp page easy also, check below:

We have links to their Facebook page HERE, worth the check out guys. Be sure to like their page. and never forget, Support your local bands /,,/

Note: AudioInferno doesn’t assume credit for the pictures used in this article, full credit goes to the band and the photographer(s) responsible for the pictures.


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