Andromeda music studio in Kenya

Andromeda Music is a recording studio founded by Nick and his younger brother Stanley Kyalo back in 2010. They are both very passionate about music and there wasn’t even a plan to start the studio, it just happened naturally. Their first major undertaking was In Oath’s first EP, Eulogy. Stanley was friends with Chris Lilako of In Oath so they started working on an EP and Nick soon joined in the production work. While they were on it, Nick convinced ParkingLotGrass to do their first EP, Shimo Mfukoni with them. It was easy to get them on board since Nick was their drummer at the time and they had listened to a few of the tracks they had done with In Oath. They didn’t have a studio then so they worked from the house, and they were thankful because these bands trusted them to deliver despite their limited resources.

They finished production and released the two Eps in 2012 and since then they have worked and released material with other major bands including Last Year’s Tragedy, The Claymore Project, A Truth Once Known, Dove Slimme, Cause Of Death, Skygrave’s Twilight, Rish. At that moment they were working on two albums, Rish’s and the studio’s compilation album which should be out in October 2016.

Right now Andromeda Music works in partnership with ShoutHuge Productions, one of the biggest animation studios in Nairobi and the studio is located in State House Avenue in Nairobi.

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