The Way to Glam: Pink Lippz release their EP, In the Pink

BRACE YOURSELVES, THE BIG HAIRS ARE COMING with the flash and style. As a fan of Thrash Metal, I’m probably the last guy who should be talking about this here but screw that, I know a good album when I listen to one and Lord this is the sort of album you play at a PARTY! You hardly hear of Glam Rock in Africa and no, Glam didn’t die with Motley Crue etc. Glam is still a thing, maybe not as big as it was in the 80’s but boy does it feel good to revisit that scene again with this her new album.

So enter Pink Lippz, a glam band based in South Africa. We have listened to their album and you can bet a review will be up on that pretty soon too: Check it below:

Listen folks, I usually don’t drop recommendations here and there but trust me when I say if you are looking for something different that puts different elements of rock music you like in one place then  you must get this here EP and it’s free. And from what I think it probably shouldn’t be free but it’s your lucky day here. GET THE EP and tell your uncles and aunties who love the genre… and mom and dad too, we know they were roadies one time, tell em.

We hope to snag an interview with the band soon enough. After you listen to In the Pink, we are sure as hell Pink Lippz will be on your lips (couldn’t help myself there, I just had to.) For more on Pink Lippz you are already at the right place.

NOTE: AudioInferno does not assume credits for the pictures used in this article, all credit goes to the band and their Facebook page and also the photographer(s) responsible for the pictures or media.


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