Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Ryma Nakkach of Nawather

Photo by Seth photography

Hello guys, welcome once again to our Thursday thoughts with your favourite artistes from all over Africa. Audioinferno would be taking you to Tunisia to one of the best oriental metal bands in the African scene in the name of Nathawer. Ryma Nakkach is the vocalist of the band, her voice weaves melancholic magic through your veins. Sit tight and enjoy her videos.

Luminol by Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is an artist that i admire and i think he’s too smart in every detail in his music. No one can deny the nobility of the messages that we can feel and understand from his music. This video is really so special due to the performance of all the musicians and the magic power of such concert and the perfect harmony of the band with every one attending this concert.

Index (From Grace to Drowning) by Steven Wilson

I appreciate the music and the intelligent way to transmit such message. The lyrics are well chosen and i think this video offers the perfect explanation of all what should be said.

New Jerusalem (The Road To Or-Shalem) by Orphaned land

I can feel pure love, peace and brotherhood. We need peace and we need all this commitment. We have to build the world that we need without wars, fighting and hateness.

Enstranged by Guns N Roses

I used to listen to this band when i was young thus i have a lot of memories with this music and i’m still a big fan of this band and especially the singer Axl rose. His performance is spectacular and the energy he releases is magic.
 Untouchable by Anathema

  A concert full of feelings, every thing is perfect in this video, the music, the magical vibes of the band. You can even breath the fresh air of that night and you can certainly feel peace.
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