Top 10 Metalcore Bands in Africa

Metalcore is the crosspoint between hardcore punk and heavy metal. It’s one of the most popular metal genres as its fan base cuts across the niche both for metal heads and moderate rockers. From the Christian-like metalcore bands like As I Lay Dying,  August Burns Red to the more brutal bands like Parkway Drive, the genre has a huge amount bands. Not a single day passes by without a new metalcore band popping up somewhere in the Cinematic Metal Universe. Our continent has not been left behind on the metalcore phenomenon. Today we take a look at the top 10 African metalcore bands, the most enthusiastic and flawless breakdown players and the best core screamers.

One Last Autograph (Nigeria)

1 last autograph

Yes, they are Nigerians and they grace Africa with good metalcore that has teenage girls and mamas screaming ‘We love you’. Their five song set list led by ‘See ehn‘ drags you and leaves you on heat. One last autograph have proven themselves the best metalcore band in the West Africa region of the world and they have also proved themselves as a shining and definite highlight of the ever-growing scene in Nigeria. The Nigerian metalcore survivors leaves you salivating when Danjuma growls join forces with your speaker and leaves you on a brutal empire state of mind. Their Sickle cell Amnesia album is an album that should make your heart swell with a patriotic pride and is also the first metalcore album to come out from the Nigerian scene.

Behind the Mask (Madagascar)

Behind the Mask

One of the masked bands we have in Africa, the band’s name should give you a hint. They wear masks that make them look ridiculous. The band lyrics talks about the state of the society, violence, war prejudice to corporate greed, riots, poverty and greed in Madagascar. When i first heard ‘The Message’, I was pumped at the kinetic energy that was flowing through my veins, the track was on repeat for 6hrs or more than because i know i slept with the jam playing in the 4 corners of my room, if that is not enough we also did a review of the track. When i listened to ‘The Message’, i felt an angst towards a common enemy in the Nigerian government. This song also applies to my country NIGERIA. Their upcoming album ‘The Revolution’ would be a concept album.

Before Crush (Angola)

Before Crush

If you have been keeping an eye on Angola, you will know that the country has been on civil war for over 40 years. The civil war which followed the war of independence ended in 2002. After all the killings and the continuous war, metal still found its way to Angola and it came to Angola to stay. You would be surprised to find out that the Angolan scene is a wide one with lots of bands. Audioinferno also did a review of Death metal Angola, a wonderful documentary about the Angolan war and Metal, click here to read. The concept behind the band’s name is Bodão (ex-member) and Ladino (singer and leader of the band) had a biker accident when they were kids and then in that accidental place, they made a confusion between the words CRUSH and CRASH and in that accidental venue, Before Crush was birthed. There’s a huge amount to admire about this Angola metalcore band. Al bruxa is a crushing and a bludgeoning video, i did like what i watched.

Damning Cloudiness (Mozambique)

Damning Cloudiness

It will be funny to think that Metal doesn’t find its way to every African country. To be sincere i didn’t even know there was a metal scene in Mozambique until a friend of mine told me that i should go and watch Terra Pesada. It’s basically a documentary about metal musicians in Mozambique longing for their voices to be heard, it’s a really great piece to watch. The energy that sparks off this Mozambican 4 piece metal band is venomous. Stino, the lead vocalist of the band stings you with his screams and leaves a brutality bite on your skin. I love that this band create sounds that hits you hard while maintaining a certain amount of discipline. This guys started with an acoustic guitar as it was hard for them to get instruments during the start of the band. Damning Cloudiness is a band to checkout and watch out for.

Last years tragedy (Kenya)

Last Years Tragedy

Last years Tragedy, hailing from the east side of Africa, Kenya and narrowing down to their exact location Nairobi is a force to reckon with. This is one of the finest African Metal bands, leave alone Kenyan. Why? The list is endless, David Mburu’s clean and harsh vocals integrate seamlessly to produce a distinct sound, which is true to our African roots, yet intricately brutal yet soothing at some spells, paradoxical right? Their guitarwork is beyond awesome, drumming, nothing short of bliss, their bass work is also on some Cliff Burton levels. This is a band that stands out of the norms, this guys give you that glorious metalcore sound. Their latest single ‘Bury your fallen dreams’ takes you from your angry zone to your comfort zone. ‘Bury your fallen dreams’ also won the best metal song in our 2015 ARMA awards. More could be said about this Kenyan band, but i will leave that for another day.

Facing the Gallows (South Africa)

Facing the Gallows

The Johannesburg metalcore band consists of  2 guitarists, a bass guitarist, a drummer and a vocalist. We here at the AudioInferno towers have been keeping an eye on this band, a very great metalcore band indeed. They were part of the nominees for our 2015 ARMA Awards for the best metal video and they also bagged the award for the best core band and the best single release in the recent concluded 2016 South Africa Metal Music Awards. Filthy video is a must watch video, one of the best metalcore videos I’ve ever seen, it’s so brutal, it’s like you are being tortured by a hot female experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time as your blood drips down to the bucket below. The head banging in that video was out of the norms, it’s like my flesh was getting ripped off as Bryan Binneman headbanged venomously.

Red Helen (South Africa)

Red Helen, Photo by Lindy Leeming

The 2014 South African Wacken Metal Battle winners is a band to reckon with, it’s like the force is with them. One thing i greatly admire about the band is their struggles and a huge leap of faith they take coupled with hardwork, you need faith in whatever you do in this life. It gives you the strength never to give up, this guys have been trying the best they could and it has helped them in their journey so far. This band has also opened up for popular international acts like Dreamshade, Unearth, Protest the Hero and a couple more bands. They go way back to the year 2008 when things were hard and different then. For Suicide notes and Bloodshot eyes is a chest beating metalcore jam that makes you feel like you are on top of a cliff banging your head swiftly and then you just dive off the cliff. It is a very catchy tune and a very cheesy one that you could use to cheese your salad. This band is ever vital and they are just starting.

Void of Belonging (Kenya)

Void of Belonging

They hail from Kenya, this band never cease to surprise me. What is so addictive about this band is when they release a track, be sure its gonna be chaotic and punchy. Their ‘Dream again’ track makes you feel like you are having a slow burning head trip. It is a wacky, crushing and a cruel metal jam. Be sure to expect some twisted guttural screams from Eric Muthoga, I love how his screams flow together in a coherent structure. His mind-blowing guttural ballsy screams could cause a prison riot and could spread hell’s sickness far and wide.

Octainium (South Africa)


The band was found by Maritz Booysen in Wales(UK) in 2006 with a few guys around his area. Maritz wanted to get a band name that has something to do with Energy so Steve went to a band name generator and typed in ‘Energy’ and there at that moment ‘Octane’ came up, so they just went with the name Octainium. This guys have used that energy to forcefully thrive their way into the South Africa Metal scene. They have released two albums, The Prophecy and Suffer the Clock, you won’t regret this guys ever, they are full of so much energy that you will think that they aren’t bands as distinctive and daring as them. Their Prophecy track are capable of exorcising demons in a distinctive and in an exact way, it has that thrilling freshness yet venomous bite.

A Price on the King’s head (South Africa)

A Price on the King’s head

The last but not the least is A Price on the King’s head, an upcoming metalcore band in the South Africa scene. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this South Africa mind-blowing metalcore band. I love how this band merge melodic Capetonian style guitarworks with the concrete heavy screams that Brendan Glover pulls off in an admirable and a pleasant style. Their Regicide EP is a must listen, if i had a gun in my head and was asked, what’s the favorite thing i love about APOTKH, my response would be the way they perform on stage is so electrifying, they leave their crushing sound on your ear drums and the tonality of the guitars is concise coupled with Werner Fourie shredding skills. APOKTH are just five dudes working at their absolute maximum and the levels they have reached considering they are just an upcoming band inspires me.

NOTE: AudioInferno does not assume credits for the pictures used in this article, all credit goes to the band and their Facebook page and also the photographer(s) responsible for the pictures or media.

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