DevilSpeak bags an Award at the South African Metal Music Award

Well, they aren’t going to be seen as the new kids on the block any more after this here. We had big things to say about DevilSpeaks back when they came out and it’s really amazing to see how well they’ve done all without releasing their EP and having just one single. The way I see it, it has a lot to do with their LIVE shows. I hear things about them when they play live. Mostly good thing! So it has to be all about that then. Congratulations to them and all the winners at the award ceremony.

Word is the band is working crazy hard on their EP and well, if you heard Violently Leading the Blind then you are probably as excited as we are for them:

For more on the band you are at the right place. /,,/

Note: AudioInferno does not assume credit for the image used in this article. Credit goes to the band and the photographer(s)


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