(EP Review) Human Nature by All We’ve Known

I mean Melodic Metal wasn’t a sub-genre I listened too much before we started AudioInferno. Little trivia there for you. Having done a couple of reviews for Melodic Metal, Hardcore and a host of others I can understand why lots of people play this genre, why lots of people listen to the genre here in Africa:

It’s a musical form of adrenaline.

Same can be said for Thrash, Speed, Death, Doom, Black Metal but this is a different generation. While these mentioned father genres are still dominant largely out of respect, love and curiosity, the sub genres won’t be called sub genres anymore soon enough. Which is where All We’ve Known comes in and takes things to a slightly different direction. Adding an Electronic style to their Melodic Metal is an interesting twist. I was curious about how this would work and well, I can say they pulled it off. But that’s just my take, their fan base will truly decide here. Cutting to the chase, Human Nature is a good album. I would recommend it. I generally don’t believe there’s such a thing as a bad EP. Why should there be, this is what bands use to find their niche. Testing the waters, so give them all a break. There are areas to improve on that’s for sure and I’ll mention just one later in this review.

Now you will have to forgive me here just in case I get some things wrong about the genre, I am the new kid on the block and I am not ashamed to admit that when it comes to sub genres. What do I love about this EP? Easy, the breakdowns and the brilliant use of Electronics. Now I want to believe there isn’t a specific time you use a breakdown in a song. Most breakdowns usually start close to the end of the song which gives you something to look forward too, just like a solo. I often love when the breakdown catches me off guard just like the breakdown in Downright Disgrace did (I highly recommend that song). Didn’t see the breakdown coming early. Loved it. And you can’t miss the sweet use of the piano close to the end of the song, it gave the song an intimate feel. Can’t believe I just used that word there, and I hate the damn piano as an instrument but you can’t ignore it when it is used brilliantly.

Electronic music annoys lots of people, mostly purist… like me. But I know for a fact that music can come from just about anywhere and anything, if it makes you move in some way, it music and you love it. Adding Electronic to Melodic Metal is new to me, then again like I said I am new on this block. So at this here point, I’d want the folks reading this to sample the album themselves and leave comment on what you think.

The area where the EP falls a bit short is the bit where most EPs fall short, mixing. It’s hard to get the perfect balance. Where you hear EVERYTHING well enough. The vocals suffered here a bit, everything else was spot on. And yes, truly everything.

I so don’t want to single out individuals for compliments here. Everyone shines on here, you don’t believe me then listen to the EP. Is it worth the time yes? Is it worth keeping? Yes. Is it the next slice bread? Yes if eating a CD is your thing then definitely. The band definitely has a future and will have a cult following with its fresh take on this well supported sub-genre. If you want to listen to the EP then head on to the band’s SoundCloud page HERE.

My rating: 3.5/5 Stars 

NOTE: AudioInferno does not assume credit for the pictures used in this article, full credit goes to the band and the photographers, Jean-Pierre Wilder Photography and @tompricemeister


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