Sam Warui of RASH combos with David Mburu of Last Years Tragedy on a Great Escape


Who knew

For so long, i have wanted David Mburu to go back to the mic and record something new. Then i am in my room on a boring Sunday and he pings me a link, i check it out and i hear his vocals. WOOOOW, i was stoked in a way that my brain couldn’t just intepret what i just heard. Not only that, Sam Warui Mwangi of Rash gave the track a swift uppercut.

Listen to this Kenya sickness

This track is part of the Andromeda Music Record Compilation album that would be out on October 2016. Stay tuned to Audioinferno for more news on Andromeda records and to keep in track in them because it seems they are planning something big. To know more them, click here.

Watch out for the review of this track, support your local bands\m/


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