Infanteria 10th Anniversary Show


Fast forward 10 years and Infanteria are celebrating their 10th Anniversary show. As they prepare to bring their live assault on June 25th 2016 at ROAR, let us look back at their hell raising origin.

So much love for Infanteria from the inception, wonderful and great men in the band. Infanteria was birthed by the brothers Chris and Rob Hall. This guys had love for thrash and they are one of the bands that traces the true birth of thrash in the South African metal scene.

View the 1st promo picture of the very first line up of the band taken when they were literally teens.


Barry Pieterse, Chris Hall, Rob Hall & Jarrod Firmani.

The current line up of the band


From the left, Adrian Langeveld, Tim, Chris and Adriano

Current line up of Infanteria:

Adrian Langeveld – Drums
Tim Leibbrandt – Bass Guitar
Chris Hall – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Adriano Rodrigues – Lead Guitar

They released their first single on the Hammer the Masses 2 compilation in 2008 with the second release appearing in 2010 (Hammer the Masses 3) and ever since, Infanteria has become a regular feature at annual South African metal fests like Summerfest and Winterfest. They also took to the Ramfest stage in 2011 and 2014. At Ramfest 2014, Infanteria was direct support to festival headliners Trivium and Killswitch Engage on the main stage.

In February 2013, the band released its debut album “Isolated Existence”, an eight track relentless thrasher that was well received by the public and local media alike.

They were also chosen to represent South Africa at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany and promoted the album with live shows in their home country throughout 2013 and 2014.


Chris & Rob Hall hanging out backstage at Wacken Open Air with Annihilator vocalist, Dave Padden

In July 2015, the second album “Where Serpents Conquer” was launched via Burning Tone Records and has already struck a chord with fans, critics and peers alike.


Where Serpents Conquer Album Launch, Photo credit goes to JHB Photography

10 years since they have caused riots in venues and bruising stages when they perform, Infanteria keeps pushing the boundaries of the thrash genre in Africa. Their heavy thrash metal nightmare would be hitting you at ROAR on 25th June 2016 with special guests on that day, no other than Wargrave. For more on their 10 years anniversary event, click here.

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