Watch Adrian Langeveld (Infanteria) drum cover of The River by Sylosis

Adrian Langeveld drums for the band ‘Infanteria’ and they would be having their 10 years Anniversary show this Saturday so if you are within Capetown, you should come for their show if you wanna see a live play through of this jam.

Adrian Langeveld:

Just wanna say a huge thank you to Bryan Villain for facilitating the recording, mixing the drums and giving up loads of personal time to make it happen, Lucinda Villãin for the cameras and help with setup, Oli Beaudoin for giving me technique advice on the heel toe/double strokes technique, Mark Haze for lending me the extra cameras and of course, to my fish wife Dino Jardim for hooking me up with the awesome Axis pedal.

That was all shades of amazeballs, so much melody in the River and Adrian Langeveld is officially challenging Dino Jardim to film his own Sylosis cover, “Altered States of Conciousness”? \m/. Be expecting Dino Jardim’s drum cover soon.

Support your local bands\m/


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