Bloodbeast old drummer Jay Inksane Grobler returns back to the band as Rhythm Guitarist

Jay Inksane Grobler

Jay Inksane Grobler drummed for the BloodBeast band before he quit the band in 2014 due to personal issues and couldn’t commit to the band, he recorded on the Out For Blood album which is brutal by the way.

Jay Inksane Grobler is now back in the band fully but he is playing rhythm guitar this time around. Now the new line up is complete and it includes:

Van666 Alberts – Lead guitar/vocals (Architecture of Aggression), Björn Fjästad – Bass guitar, Anton Belial Alberts – Drums (Architecture of Aggression), Jay Inksane Grobler -Rhythm guitar.

They are busy rehearsing all the songs from the Out For Blood album. Their first official show will be on the 8th of October 2016 at an event called Ragnarok and they would be working on new material later the year.

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