Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Tamla McMahon of Tamla Kahn

Hello rockers so this week we would be dissecting Tamla McMahon top 5 rock playlist. She is in the band Tamla Kahn and she is also in an all ladies band who plays now and then called “Sistas of Metal”, sit tight and enjoy her top 5 rock videos.

No Tomorrow by Metal Church

Being one of the Old School Representatives of Heavy Metal, these guys have been a fairly new discovery for me. It’s taken far too long! What a band! Mike Howe on vocals have a fresh stance on things and the lyrics are just there. Brilliant.

Battering Ram by Saxon

Not forgetting about the absolute brilliance of this band. I admire their heavy metal drive to this day. Nothing better than seeing the lads still rocking after all these years. Saxon, back with the Vengeance!

Uprising by Sabaton

When one mentions the word “live” I immediately think of Sabaton. They have to be top of the list of live bands to see. The power they emit on stage and the response they demand is something to behold. This video captures that power extremely well!

Hail to the Haze by Iron Man

A brilliant example of that old school doom we so love. In the likes of the mighty Black Sabbath, these guys make my old school heart sing!

Guardians of Asgaard by Amon Amarth

Having always had a keen interest in the Viking history. Amon Amarth are a true example of the mighty strength of Mjölnir but yet the beauty of a mountain landscape in a band. That balance they capture with the melodic harmonies and often simple old school solos is something extremely epic. One of my favorite all time bands!

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